Monday, 4 July 2011

What Milly Wore: Wildfox Navajo

 Hi Guys!
I'm really glad to see that I'm getting a few more comments,
It seems posting more regularly had helped! Whoda thunk it ;)

I've put my google friend connect widget back,
as I literally haven't had any new followers since I removed it,
and I'm thinking maybe it wasn't obvious enough how to!

So If your new here, and you enjoy my blog, please go follow :)

Now onto what I've been wearing!
 Dark Skinny Jeans: New Look
Red Indian Navajo T-shirt: Wildfox couture (Via Spoiledbrat last year)
Black Leather Wang A Like Bag: ASOS 

Blue Leopard Ballet Pumps: Rocket Dog (ancient, I really should bin them)

are you guys wildfox fans?
I tend to wear them all the time for a week or so, 
untill I find another theme to go by!



  1. love that tshirt, it's great x

  2. Fantastic shirt! I've never heard of wildfox couture before, but I will be checking them out!

  3. Well I love your hair!!!

    Good stuff in the new followers too

    Joanne x