Saturday, 21 April 2012

What Milly Wore: Fancy Florals

Hello one and all :)
I've managed to make a small photography set up in my room
So I can take outfit pictures before work!
Yes these photos were taken at 6:30am
This is probably the most organised I have been ever!
With my new job and all, I've been dressing a bit smarter
and I love it!
Earlier this week I wore this outfit which consists of:

Floral / Daffodil white yellow and green dress: Tu (sainsburys)
In the sale, plus and extra 25% off everything
so it ended up being under a tenner!
I bought LOADS of clothes from Asda and Sainsburys
so expect to see more on the blog!

Khaki Catwalk Suede Tote Bag: Jaeger London RRP £499
I love this bag so so so much.
It feels really expensive and is a great size.
and it was the biggest bargain ever!
It was reduced to £60 on BrandAlley ( my fave designer outlet)
and I had a £50 voucher (from a tesco points exchange thing)
So all I paid was £15.95 including postage!!!
It came with the original Jaeger price label on it as well,
my mum nearly had a heart attack!

Here's a slightly better picture of the bag -

Mickey Mouse Padlock Necklace: Disney Couture

Plain Black Cardi: New Look

Plain Black leggings: Primarni

Black long top: H&M 
(worn underneath, so I could wear the tu dress rolled up as a top)

Lightwieght Green Parks: ASOS (flash sale £15 ish)

Leopard / Dalmation Pony Skin Boots: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters
Still my favourite booties,
I get nice comments every time I wear them
and they're really really comfy.

I didn't manage to take any more work outfit pictures this week
but I'll deffo be doing one or two next week!

What do you guys wear to work?
Do you get to wear what you like within reason?

Leave any comments below,
I love reading them :)


Saturday, 14 April 2012

What Milly Wore: Heart Shaped Pocket

Hey Guys and Gals
I'm currently tres tres bust starting a new job and all that
so I'm trying really hard not to neglect my blogging responsibilities!
So Here's an outfit I wore last week:

Bone Shaped Hair Clip: Kreepsville 666

Navajo Waterfall Tapestry Jacket: River Island, last year £40 ish
I've worn this jacket on the blog before,
it's a great extra layer, and I like that its a bit different
I've never seen anyone in anything similar.

Navy White & Tan Spotty Bag: River Island 2-3 years ago

Cream Treasure Chest Necklace: Disney Couture

Eiffel Tower Embroidered T-shirt: Topshop 1-2 years ago

White & Navy Cardigan: Topshop Sale £12 3-4 years ago

Black Leggings: Primarni

Mushroom Coloured Leather Boots: Office £90
These are another pair of my trusty office boots
very comfy, I love the way they look
and made from super soft leather :)

Denim Pencil Skirt: ASOS 4-5 years ago
I couldn't believe I could get this skirt on,
I have lost a bit of weight recently but not that much, maybe it's just stretchy!?
I just love the heart shaped pockets on this skirt
It makes an otherwise simple skirt very cute!

Once again I'm trying to wear items I've had for ages
and basically get my wear out of what I already own!


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Instagram Round Up 1

 Hi guys,
I'm loving instagram at the moment (I know, late to the party much)
So I thought I'd do a round up of my most recent pictures :)

This glorious beast of an egg is courtesy of my sister,
She originally didn't get me an egg, and then more than made up for it
by getting me this egg reduced this morning!
I can confirm it's delicious :)

As soon as I saw these shoes I wanted them,
£7.99 from Internacionale
They are kind of tropical print 'toms' type pumps.
They'd run out of my size in the adults ones,
so these are from the teen section, *yay for small feet*
but are essentially the same.

Here is a picture I took of myself before work (must have been a couple of weeks ago now)
I actually like how I look in this for a change so thought it was worth posting!
I like it when I have enough time to do good hair and make-up.

Here are the remains of a gorgeous Chinese meal that my mum, my sister and I went out for
I'm generally not a fan of eating out, but I actually really enjoyed it.

This is a picture of my name on the whiteboard at work.
It's a bit of a silly thing to post really
but I was actually super chuffed that I was the person who sold the most
shoe-care that week.
*easily pleased*

Last but not least,
I ended up spending a lot of time in the Liverpool area last month (with family)
and while I was there, managed to go to the cosmetics company outlet
at 'Cheshire Oakes'
Safe to say it was even more amazing than I had expected,
and I bought more mac than I should have.

Hope you enjoyed this post,
lots of exciting things happening over here in Launderette land,
I'm trying to get my life organised,
and that includes my blog too
so watch this space!

(btw I'm MillyCupcake on instagram)

Much Love