Friday, 30 April 2010

One Pink Haired Blogger - M.I.A

Good morning loyal followers
Have you noticed I haven't been around?
Probably not :p

But in case your wondering its that kind of time again at uni
hand in time

so normal blogging will resume in 2 weeks time!

Until then I might make the odd post!

Ive bought so much stuff recently, cant wait to show you all
Including 6 OPI nail polishes
and a designer handbag!

Yum Yum, its not arrived yet but I'm too excited!
Marc Jacobs Baby!



Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lust After: More News on Topshops Make-up Launch

Hello lovely readers,
As you may already know
I'm super excited about the upcoming launch of topshops new make-up range,

I found two articles this week that have wet my appetite even more!

Firstly here are some scans from this months Elle:

 Click to make them bigger!

Also this page from Grazia!

 So yeah,
even more exciting now
packaging looks cute, if a little cheap,
and as they are pretty trend focused, 
I'm hoping for some unique up to date products!
Prices dont look too bad either!

what do you guys think??


Visual Sweets: My photography from the Past and Present!

Just thought I would show you my work,
this is literally almost everything!
Hope you enjoyed looking

all images copyright to me!

which is your favourite??


Monday, 12 April 2010

Visual Sweets: Monday Magic

Before the visual sweets.
PLEASE if you can
 vote for my Watch design here

you have to sign up,
 but you wont get any nasties

And I might win a box of 12 watches,
and they randomly select voters to win watches too!