Sunday, 28 April 2013

Topshop Sale April 2013: What Milly Bought!

Why hello there!
The topshop sale launched last week
and I picked up quite a few bits that I thought I would share with you!
The first thing I bought (full price) is this gorgeous sweatshirt.
It's super comfy and reminds me of quite a few wildfox couture jumpers!

Comic Pop Art Sweat £18 (reduced from £30)
I think this print is so fun, great for a lazy weekend.
I just wish one of them said bazzinga!

Spray effect slip £10 (reduced from £18)
I thought this would be good for summer,
may be over a white t-shirt with a tan belt and sandals?

 Moto Stud Western Denim Shirt £15 (reduced from £38)
At over 50% off I thought this shirt was a bargain.
I wear my blue denim shirt quite often so this should be a good addition to my wardrobe

 Burgundy Speckle roll sleeve mini dress £12 (reduced from £26)
Again I thought this would be a great summer staple
and could be worn in many different ways

 Red and Navy sweater dress £15 (reduced from £30)
I've already worn this and it's great!
I wouldn't quite call it a sweater dress though,
it's not particularly thick.
I do love the pockets though, they were a great addition.

Polkadot Bodycon Dress in Red & Green both £15 (reduced from £29)
I love these dresses
The print is great, cant wait to style them all retro!
They do fit small though I had to size up.
 Oxblood full skater skirt £20 (reduced from £38)
I've been looking for a leather look skirt for ages and this fits the bill!
It's not the most flattering thing in the world, as it is pretty full
but I like it anyway.

Tall flecked midi dress purple £18 (reduced from £29)
Obviously I am not tall,
but if I like the look of something I ignore the size, or whether it's tall, petite, or for men!
and just see if something looks right on me,
and this does!
 Tall wings burn out sweat £15 (reduced from £28)
Again it's tall but it doesn't look any different tbh.
Love the wing/feather print, and it's nice and lightweight too.
 Maveriq Heavy Studded Slippers Grey £18 (reduced from £32)
I loved the vectra pumps I've had for a good while,
and I'm just as impressed with the maveriq style.
I own them in black with silver, khaki with rose gold
and now this taupe colour with rose gold.
They do not look grey as they are names, or as pink as in the pic though!

Shapewear skirt £7 (reduced from £14)
I'm not hugely into shapewear,
however I bought this skirt to try because of the price
and first impressions are it's brilliant!
It's not so tight that I cant breathe,
and it gives a nice silhouette.
It's also pretty high waisted which I prefer

Shapewear Shorts £5 (reduced from £12)
These are pretty much the same as the skirt.
I often wear cycling shorts under summer dresses
so these should be pretty useful!

Well that's everythong!
Did you splurge in the topshop sale?


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

New Arrival: Spring Update

 I'm trying to save for a car,
but I keep buying pretty things instead!
Here are some of the thing I've bought over the last few weeks :)
I love this necklace, it arrived today but it had a £10 sticker on it, 
I phoned to complain and they've agreed to refund me the difference.
Happy Bunny!
These tees are great, I've always loved Lulu Guinness with her iconic lip print
but her main line is way out of my price range.
They're pretty cheap and will go with a lot, I especially love the peter pan collar.
I ordered Swimming (the ones with the extra studds on the toes) for £99 (reduced from £260)
and received Swim (the ones without the studs on the toe) which is worth £59 (reduced from £240)
Needless to say I was a bit miffed, but once again they will be refunding the difference!
I do love them though, great to toughen up a floral dress.

I bought a follow the white rabbit jumper from T.O.A before christmas
and I've lived in it, so comfy, warm and such cute designs.
So when I saw this fox print one I just had to get it!

I really like the prints Celia Birtwell creates.I loved her topshop collab a few years back too.
I bought the dress in 3 colours, it'll be great for summer.
The skinny jeggings are amazing and they fit so well I'm tempted to buy another pair.or two!

So that's what I've been buying,
have you been eyeing up anything in particular??


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Follow my blog with blog lovin!

With GFC possibly going down the pan, it might be best to follow me with bloglovin!
Just click the link :)


Long time no see!

long time no see right!?
I never fell out of love with blogging, I just didn't feel like I had the time...
I'm never going to be a blogger that posts every day, 
but I really feel like I can get back into it over the spring/summer :)

So what's new with me??

I've changed my hair, back to white blonde!
I loved having orange hair but it feels like I had it forever,
I'm loving being able to add pastel pink or lilac tint whenever it takes my fancy.

I'm now a full time graphic designer for Beads & Beyond magazine, and Scrap365 magazine
I really like my job, It's a lovely place to work and so so much more 'me' than retail!
It's lovely to be creative on a daily basis,
I have also just started to contribute to Beads & Beyond which is great!

(Above: Small piece of editorial with some jewellery I made) 

I've also been designing some laser cut wooden shapes / embellishments for Squidgypins
It's a great project to work on,
I really surprised myself with what I could come up with

 I'm also learning to drive,
it is early days yet, but I had an awesome 2 hour lesson yesterday 
that really made me feel like I'll be able to do it :)

 I'm still hugely into fashion and make-up
I use instagram, pinterest, and twitter daily

Here is where you can find me:

I'm looking forward to blogging my outfits,
posting about upcoming spring summer trends that I will or will not be buying into
and generally getting my fash on :)

See you around!