Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lust After / New Arrival: Wrap Up Warm

Hey Guys & Dolls

Once again I am lusting after many items at the moment
here are just a few:

Galaxy Print Bags: Peter Paulotti for Kipling!
I cannot wait for these bags to come out,
I'm deffo going to be purchasing one, which shape I'm not sure
I can never resist galaxy print!
They should be out on the 17th this month
so not too long to wait
Im assuming they will be around the £80 mark!

I love a bit of fairisle and when I saw these on I was like YUM
They look so pretty and warm,
 perfect with some worker boots and leggings
£3.99 a pair Topshop

This week Ashish's collab with topshop arrived
and I just love this Parisian inspired t-shirt
£50 Ashish for Topshop

Chunky Reindeer Coatigan: Zara £59.99
It just looks so warm and cozy
I cannot get enough of patterned knits!

I'm also after some brown / tan chelsea boots
these are from River Island for £29.99 which is a bargain if you ask me!
I actually prefer a very similar pair from office but at twice the price they may have to wait!

I love the Barbour jacket look, but definitely don't want to pay the price
so this quilted hunter jacker from River Island is just the job for £39.99
I've been after a jacket like this for such a long time
and wouldn't have bought it, if I hadn't already bought two navy blue coats recently.

and here is what I've been Buying:

I compromised and bought this khaki barbour style jacket, also £39.99 from River Island
I slightly prefer the navy, but thought it was pointless owning hundreds of navy coats.
I think really I would have preferred brown, but its not made in brown
so khaki it is, and I love how it looks on!

This is one of my navy coats
£59.99 Zara
very similar to a topshop one from last year
It's just so cute!
and its knitted so its super comfy

But I cant wear it yet as I ordered it online 
and when it arrived I found it still had the plastic security tag attached!
I was livvid, what a stupid thing to do!
I've emailed them and am still waiting for a reply,
what am I supposed to do??

And finally I bought this aviator jacket  also from Zara for £39.99
Its lovely on, and satisfies my flying / sheepskin / aviator jacket itch
whilst being quite a bit cheaper than similar ones from topshop!

Is there anything you've been lusting after?
Treated yourself to anything recently?
I would love to hear about it!



  1. Hi there! Just a thought - is there a clothing place nearby that you could ring, explain the situation of the plastic tag and see if they can take it off? That jacket is nice, but not so great if you can't get the tag off it, silly Zara :-)

  2. love the Ashish topshop collection!


  3. Those galay print bags look pretty cool and I bet those socks are cozy! Love the sailor jacket, I have a topshop one from a few years ago and love it soooo much x

  4. gypsy: thanks for the suggestion hun! I rang zara and they are going to send a courier, what day or time they cannot tell me so I'm probably going to be out at work/uni! so i may pop down to new look or somewhere and pleed for help!


  5. bookmarking this epic post! full of win :D love the items you've picked out, GALAXY PRINT *drooooooooooool* xxxx

  6. Omg I just saw that coatigan and made a funny excited noise. LOVE. xxx

  7. I bought a navy riding/hunter jacket a couple of weeks ago. I loveeee it! x x.

  8. Bags r amazing! Where can I buy one?

  9. I want the Ashish's Parisian T and Zara Sailor inspired navy coats.