Sunday, 29 January 2012

What Milly Wore: Purple Rain

Hi Guys,
hope you've all had a lovely week
and you're all getting used to the fact that it's nearly February and getting colder!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Daxon
and asked if I would like to choose an item to feature on my blog.
Daxon are branching into Plus Sized clothing,
so I was interested to see what they had available.
As a size 14, I'm at that awkward size where I'm not quite plus size,
 but a bit big for some shops!
But as someone from a family of  *ahem* curvier ladies
I gladly took them up on their offer.

When looking at their website it's easy to skim over and think that it's aimed at a more mature lady,
or that they are not very fashion forward,
but I really would no be so quick to write them off.
I really feel you can take staple pieces such as this jacket and add it to any wardrobe,
you can style up in your own way, give it your own twist if you will.
As I hope I've proved with this post.

The jacket is extremely good quality,
much better than you would find on much of the high street,
I was really impressed with the suedette fabric, it feels really soft and authentic
and I love the faux leather piping too.
It's so well made and is a joy to wear :)

As Daxon go from a size 14-36 I think it's a great place to try
if you are struggling to find great quality clothing
in your size.

In this outfit I Wore:

Purple Suedette Quilted Jacket: C/O Daxon £49

Galaxy Print Grey Cardigan: Asos (a few years ago)

Multi Galaxy Wolf Dress: Motel @ Topshop (also ages ago)

Grey T-Shirt Dress (worn underneath): H&M

Black Treggings: Next £18 (new)

Galaxy / Glitter Print Duffle Bag: Peter Pilotto for Kipling

Leopard Wired Hair Band: Dolly Bow Bow

Future Mystic Small Crescent Gem Shapes Necklace: Tatty Devine

Grey Suede Felix Boots: Kurt Geiger £35 Sale


Friday, 27 January 2012

Fashion Fix: Topshop's Take on the Furla Candy Bag

If you're anything like me,
you will have spotted the Furla Candy Bag everywhere last summer.
I loved them, kitsch plastic colourful bags
what's not to like!
 I had looked into getting one, but with an RRP of £200 it wasn't meant to be

Well, Imagine my joy when this week I spotted these similar bags on
In a range of colours and shapes, topshop have really had a great go at the jelly bag trend.
This shape is so similar to the Candy Bag, that it would be rude not to get it!

Although I love the bright colours,
I'm also quite taken by this cream / nude style
They would all be great for SS12

See all the styles here (check out the rucksack versions too)

what do you think of toppers designer remake??


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What Milly Wore: Aztec Duffle Coat

Hey-lo there one and all,
Here is what I wore a couple of days ago :)

Aztec Navajo Print Blanket Duffle Coat - £60 Urban Outfitters (sale was £120)
eeeeeepp I love this coat,
I blogged about it a couple of months ago,
so when I saw it half price just after Christmas, I asked for it as my main present!
I really like the print, and the fur hood.
The only thing I would change is that it has no lining which annoys me slightly
but it doesn't stop my love for it!

Stripey Skull Vest - Crafted @ Republic
I've had this vest for a good year or so, and not worn it,
so in my attempt to vary my wardrobe and use everything I own  I added it to my outfit

Black Lace trim vest top - Good Old M&S
I layered this vest underneath for warmth
and for modesty ;)

Brown Speckled / Fleck longline cardigan - Next
I'm loving all the speckled and flecked styles that are about at the moment
I'm sure I wore stuff with multi coloured flecks in as a kid, 
and I think it brings out that feeling of nostalgia in me!

High Waisted skinny jeans - New Look
These are my go too jeans at the moment,
really appreciating anything high waisted.

Maddox Tan Leather Tapestry Satchel Bag - Fossil via TKMaxx £69.99 instead of £200
This bag is gorgeous,
I'd been after a good quality carpet / tapestry bag for a while
I came across this one in tkmaxx and couldn't resist.
Fossil are a really good brand,
and I love the pattern and styling of this bag. 

Tan Leather lace-up boots - Pikolinos RRP £110
I got these boots last week to wear to work
and they are so so comfy, very good quality leather
and I like the slightly Victorian feel they have.
Wearing these boots and the bag together I felt a bit like Mary Poppins

that's all for today,
hope you're all having a lovely week so far


Sunday, 22 January 2012

What Milly Wore: Skeleton You Are My Friend

Hello there all of you :)
I've been at work a lot this week, so I thought I'd post an outfit I wore a few days ago!

Burgundy chunky knit boyfriend cardigan - New Look (a good few months ago) £18 ish
This cardy is super warm and comfy,
and I really like the shawl style collar, it feels a little like a smoking jacket!

Black skull oversized t-shirt - Topshop 2 years ago £20 ish
This must be one of my most worn t-shirts,
I love the fit and length, and anything with skulls on is good with me.

Black turban - gift from a friend
My gbf was getting rid of some clothes 
and this is one of the things I  ended up being given
turbans are great for bad hair days and are so much more chic than a beanie.

Black and white polka dot skinny jeans - ASOS 1-2 years ago (sale) £15 ish
I've worn these on the blog before,
they're just so easy to wear with everything, a definite staple of my wardrobe.

Nude coloured slouchy Padlock bag - Marks & Spencer, 2 years or so ago £35
Such a great bag, not real leather but it doesn't bother me.
you would never guess its from m&s!

Dalmatian / Leopard print heart ankle boots - Deena & Ozzy via Urban Outfitters (sale) £30
I got these just after christmas and I adore them,
 they have that fuzzy pony skin type finish which is really cool.
They are super comfy too, which I wasn't expecting. 

Hope you like it my loves


Sarenza UK Ambassador Competition :)

*puts up hand*

My name is Milly, and I'm a shoe addict!
I've amassed well over 100 pairs over the last few years (working in retail clearly does not help)
and have regular clear outs of old worn styles to the charity shop.

I entered a Sarenza competition last year and made it to the final 15
So when I saw that Sarenza UK were looking for a new ambassador I jumped at the chance to enter.
You may be thinking 'she's got loads of shoes already'
which is probably true, (but we all know a girl can never have too many pairs)
and I'm pretty sure that qualifies me to be a brand ambassador,
I know what I like and what I'm looking for, good quality, real leather, uniquely designed & good service!
All of which you can find at Sarenza!

Anyway onto my chosen featured shoe, I present to you the
Cinadine boot by Feud @ Sarenza:

This is not just any boot this is a burgundy leather, lace up ankle boot.

They have not used any burgundy leather, they've used perfectly aged, burnished, textured leather.

*stops pretending I'm on an M&S advert*

But seriously, I love the colour, the brogue detailing, copper eyelets, worn in look
and they're practical as well as stylish *swoon*

I'd be like a small Victorian child in them,
they have that 'Oliver' styling too them,
It'll be hard to not go round saying
'ello guvna, fancy a shoe shine?!
(do they remind you of that too or is it just in my head)

At £136 they are a bit of an investment buy,
but they would be really easy to wear, with skinny jeans and a studded leather jacket 
with an oversized t-shirt underneath!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

What Milly Wore: Aztec Swan

Hi Folks,
So I've not really made a new year resolution persay,
but I am trying to get myself organised, by sorting through my room
and my wardrobes to get rid of what I don't wear

But also I am trying to make use of pieces that I love 
but don't get use out of for some reason.
I'd like to vary my outfits more,
care less what others think of my style,
and experiment a bit!

Here is what I wore Yesterday:
Khaki Quilted Jacket: River Island (last year) £30 ish
I've had so much use out of this jacket but it is yet to be featured on the blog
as I usually wear it just with t-shirt and jeans.
It's kind of barbour esque which I love

Nude / Pale Pink Padlock Bag: M&S (last year) £39 ish
I'm not really an M&S kind of person
but I saw this bag in a magazine and just had to buy it!
and I haven't regretted it,
Its really unique spacious and well made, just wish it was leather!

Black Pearl Cardigan: New Look (sale last year) £9 ish
I never wear this cardigan,
purely because it annoys me that I cant do it up!
I do love the pearl detailings and buttons though.

Swan Digital Print Cropped Top: H&M £19.99
This is a fairly recent purchase that I've just not got round to wearing
I just think the swan is very mysterious looking, 
and I love anything with a photographic or digital print
Also seen on my Clothes Twin Hannah :)

Aztec Bodycon Midi Skirt: River Island £20 this season
I bought this skirt on Tuesday,
I'd had my eye on it for a while, and decided at £20 it was worth it!
I really like the print, that it's high waisted and the midi length
It's amazing!

Black Leggings: £4 Primark
As always, actually need to buy a few more pairs!

I love the clashing prints,
They shouldnt go together but they somehow do!

Black Leather & Tweed Fabric Buckle Boots 'Smoke': Carvela Kurt Geiger
Original Price £180 Sale Price £89 Price after discount code & voucher £49 :)
I love these boots, couldnt believe I got them for such a good price!
I featured them on my blog a couple of months ago 
but didnt think I would be able to afford them
They are really comfy and fur/fuzzy lined.

Think that's everything guys,
Do you like to clash prints?
Have you had any surprise sale bargains?


Monday, 9 January 2012

New Orange Hair & FOTD

 Hello *waves*

once again a happy new year to you all,
I bet you're all enjoying being back at work/uni/wherever else you don't want to be!

I just thought I'd Show you guys my new hair, and a bit of a FOTD

I dyed my hair myself, after finding the prefect product thanks to Madame G over at
So thanks for your very useful post lady!

I used majicontrast in Copper
and then go over the top again every time I wash it 
with a mixture of Orange Crazy Colour and conditioner, 
just to keep it nice and bright!

I also got it cut recently and am really loving the way she did it!

On My Face I Am Wearing:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation & Concealer (palest shade)

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Pressed Powder
Mac Fafi 'Belightful' Pressed Powder

No7 Mirror Ball Highlighter Pressed Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Various Eye Shadows from Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero

Loreal Millionize Mascara (which isn't that good)

Ruby & Millie Brow Colour (now discontinued booo)

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Taheran

I think that's everything :)

Have a good week everyone!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year: Things I Love

Why hello there,
nice to see you again!
Please excuse my lack of bloggingness,
Christmas retail, means not a lot of free time!
So I thought I'd do a little catch up kind of 'Things I Love' post for you :)

I'm loving:

Orange Hair -
Dyed my hair a lovely shade of copper/orange
and I love it, just wish it was as gorgeous and thick as this girls!

Neutral Eye-Make-Up -
Working a lot means I am really appreciating a 15 minute make-up routine,
including a neutral eye, not as nice as this one though!

Magnetic & Glitter Nail Varnish -
I got loads of magnetic nail varnish for Christmas and I'm loving experimenting with it,
also cant get enough of my Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes!

Pyjamas -
Snuggly Pyjamas ftw :) Got some gorgeous M&S ones.

Christmas Socks -
Whether it's just around the house or peeking over the top of my boots
I'm living in patterned Christmas socks right now.

Biker Boots -
I'm Milly and I'm addicted to biker boots
real leather of course and the more studs  the better

Clashing Prints -
there are so many different kinds of prints I love right now,
galaxy,  fairisle, aztec, navajo, floral, digital, graphic etc
and there is nothing I love more than wearing them all at once!

Rucksacks/Backpacks -
I got the ahmahzing Lazy Oaf Space rucksack for Christmas
and it seems to just go with everything!
I also appreciate that it doesn't fall off your shoulders all the time.

Diet Coke -
I love it, nuff said!

Clinique Chubby Sticks -
Part of my afore mentioned quick make-up look are my clinique chubby sticks,
I have 4 and they add a great pop of hydrating colour

Vintage Scarves -
Whether its tied to my bag, worn as a belt or just around my neck
I love to add a vintage scarf to my outfit, especially chain print ones.

Aztec Duffle Coat -
EEEPP I got this urban outfitters printed blanket duffle coat for Christmas
and I am never taking it off EVER

Snoods -
Chunky knitted snoods wrapped round tonnes of times
make me happy.

Skull Necklaces -
I was also lucky enough to get 2 different skull necklaces for Christmas
and I love wearing them with otherwise demure outfits ;)

Sleeping ZzZzZz -
I love to snooze, nap sleep etc
especially in the middle of the day with a cat by my side!

All Images from WeHeartIt & tumblr, if any belong to you and you want them removed please let me know :)

That is all
thanks for reading lovelies