Friday, 27 January 2012

Fashion Fix: Topshop's Take on the Furla Candy Bag

If you're anything like me,
you will have spotted the Furla Candy Bag everywhere last summer.
I loved them, kitsch plastic colourful bags
what's not to like!
 I had looked into getting one, but with an RRP of £200 it wasn't meant to be

Well, Imagine my joy when this week I spotted these similar bags on
In a range of colours and shapes, topshop have really had a great go at the jelly bag trend.
This shape is so similar to the Candy Bag, that it would be rude not to get it!

Although I love the bright colours,
I'm also quite taken by this cream / nude style
They would all be great for SS12

See all the styles here (check out the rucksack versions too)

what do you think of toppers designer remake??



  1. I love the pink bag! I'd be scared everyone would see how messy the inside of my handbag is though haha!

    1. haha know what you mean, the topshop ones seem much more opaque than the furla ones though! x

  2. The bright blue on is gorgeous, want!

  3. LOVE the nude one - so versatile but you'd have to be careful not to get it dirty. Then again it's jelly so dirt will wipe off easy! :D xo

  4. It's a good copy but it reminds me of the 90s and 00s so much! Such a throw back to that time. I agree you'd have to try hard not to get it dirty, especially the inside.

  5. I love the pink bag looks really gorgeous and i think it'll fit for me. LOL!

  6. love neon colors, great bags, I am your new follower, pls follow back