Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Visual Sweets 7: Hair Inspiration






Major Hair Inspiration
for introducing me to the blue haired wonder that is Raquel Reed

I could look at these pictures for hours!


What Milly Wore: Snood Monday

Good evening dear readers!
Here is what I wore yesterday,
It was super cold, and I was just trying to wear something a little different!

I wore:
Knitted Circle Scarf: Hand Knitted Things (worn as a snood)
Tweedy Coat: Marks and Spencers 3 years ago, its getting a little tight now :(
Black and White Arm Warmers: River Island
Black Quilted Luxor Tote: Angel Jackson
Its RRP is £270 but i paid alot less on ebay, as seen on Lady GaGa
Black Fur lined Pixie Boots: Office, just ordered the same ones in brown

Underneath I Wore:
Galaxy Print Cardi: ASOS
Jean Print Leggings: Missguided
Dresden Dress: Allsaints
lovely dress but super hard to put on / wear,
you just cant tell which way round it goes!
(its supposed to be multi way, but its just kinda strange)
Plain Black Tee: New Look

and no make-up,
I'm really suffering with being super red at the moment
so I really like to wear foundation, but I have to give my skin time off
or it just gets even redder!



Sunday, 24 January 2010

What Milly Wore: Lazy Sunday

Hello readers!
Well today was a lovely day off!

I just went round the boy's house to play computer games!

And he kindly took some pictures for me
to show you guys today's outfit!

Today I wore:
Yellow Duffle: Next
Black and White Arm Warmers: River Island
Cream Bag: Topshop (sale last year)
Baggy Boyfriend Jeans: New Look
Gold Uggs: Ugg Australia from ASOS

Studded T-shirt: River Island
Skull Cardigan: Siren

Here's the back of the cardi,
Isn't it amazing, I love all of sirens cardis,
they are all really quirky and fun

I really liked today's outfit,
I don't know if you've noticed but I always wear skinny jeans or leggings
never baggy jeans
I just felt like wearing them today
super comfy, and kinda cool with uggs!

I also wore a full face of make-up
including foundation and bronzer!
I don't know what came over me!

see you tomorrow!


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Lust After: Fairytale Kitsch

Fairytale Kitsch

Yes please
Yum Yum


What Milly Wore: Yesterday, day of doing nothing!

Hello ladies,
Here's what I wore yesterday
I'm still trying to wear this leather jacket as much as possible as I paid so much for it!

Studded Leather Jacket: Religion @ASOS
Scarf: Vintage
Skinny Jeans: ASOS
Studded Boots: ASOS
Quilted Duffle Bag: Urban Outfitters

Cardigan: Motel
Horse t-shirt: Urban Outfitters

I actually really loved this outfit
Really comfy, not particularly glam,
but not manky either!

I'm really loving Glee right now!


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fashion Fix: I have an UGgly admission to make!

Hi, my name is Milly, and I'm an Ugg addict!
I know loads of people hate them,
but I just can't get enough.

Firstly my circulation is PANTS
I have Raynaud’s , and also get major chilblains
my poor feet are always white red or purple, never healthy pink!
mmm lovely!
I find it super hard to keep them warm but most of the time uggs work!

But I have to admit, even if I didn't have cold feet all the time
I would probably still wear them.
they are sooo comfy, and they go with anything
I also happen to think they look quite stylish!

These are the first pair I ever bought
I have worn them to death,
they have no grip left and are almost falling apart
I really should bin them, but I just cant!

This is the second pair,
and I have hardly worn them
these are the only long pair I own
I just find the short ones so much easier to wear with outfits!

Here's my 3rd pair
these are gold, and have more of a leather finish rather than suede
I got these from ASOS a couple of years ago in the sale

And my 4th
these are my absolute fave!
I know they are really tacky, but i LOVE them!
Leopard print on real uggs, GENIUS

5th Pair
these I only bought a couple of weeks ago
I love the colour
Haven't had chance to wear them much because of the snow

Ugg Wellies!
How amazing are these!
I got them for £30 reduced from £190 from Shudoo!
I have worn them loads with the snow, they are even sheepskin lined
they have been a godsend!

So in conclusion,

Deal With It!



Monday, 18 January 2010

What Milly Wore: Dingledodies

Why hello, wasn't expecting to see you here :)
Today I went to the boys house, and watched the new Russell Howard DVD
called Dingledodies, hence the title!

I Wore:
Blue Swing Jacket with Jaguar Pin: River Island (sale £35 reduced from £70)
love this jacket, has no way of fastening though, I like to use a giant safety pin to keep it closed
Blue and Pink Scarf: Vintage
Skinny Jeans: ASOS (£18 in the sale) new today, size 12 petite, fit like a glove!
I find it so hard to find jeans that fit, I was amazing when these were perfect,
however I also got the same pair in a different finish, in regular not petite,
and they were FAR to tight, which I found super odd!
Purple Leather Boots: Red Or Dead @ Schuh in the Sale
Black Quilted Duffle Bag: Urban Oufitters (sale)

I also have new hair, waddaya think?
It looks way better with product in, but I couldn't be bothered today,
quite asymmetrical and pink!

Under my coat I wore:
Pink & Turquoise Lumberjack Shirt : H&M
Snuggly Knitted Cardigan: New Look
I love this cardi, its very similar to one my nan used to wear when I was little!

I'm so glad to be back to blogging again,
I missed it loads!

Oh an the new series of ANTM starts tonight, I'm well excited!


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Visual Sweets 6: Big Chief








Im Kinda feather headress obsessed right now
I want an actualy authentic looking massive one



Guess Who's Back

Back again
Milly's Back
Tell A Friend!

Yay... Uni Work... Done
(said in the style of Gordon Ramsay!)
I Have Many posts planned

Above is my final piece for photography
I love how it came out,
Thanks to the lovely Tasha!

And in other news today I had my first KFC

I'm not gonna lie,
It was good!

Bought loads of goodies recently which i shall be showing you soon!
Hope you all had a good weekend!


Sunday, 10 January 2010

50 followers competition

Hi guys,
next week is the week of massive hand-ins!
Yes I should be doing work right now!
(and yes that is a picture of me as a child)

Just thought I would let you know
When I Reach 50 followers,
I'm planning on holding a competition

I'm quite excited actually,
I'm already collecting things to add to the prize

see you after my deadlines!


Saturday, 2 January 2010

its that time of year again.... Deadlines

Hello dear readers
all 36 of you (well followers anyway)
I'm up to my neck in uni work,
and I'm slowly (very slowly) and surely chipping away at it!

I'm a procrastinator,
and I'm very easily distracted so its gonna take a lot of will power!

anyway I should make a few posts,
but normal blogging will resume once the deadlines are out of the way
because I wont be scared of failing!

Above are pictures of me taken for my textiles project
I know it doesn't look particularly textilesy...
but my final one will

Hope you all have a good start to 2010