Sunday, 17 January 2010

Guess Who's Back

Back again
Milly's Back
Tell A Friend!

Yay... Uni Work... Done
(said in the style of Gordon Ramsay!)
I Have Many posts planned

Above is my final piece for photography
I love how it came out,
Thanks to the lovely Tasha!

And in other news today I had my first KFC

I'm not gonna lie,
It was good!

Bought loads of goodies recently which i shall be showing you soon!
Hope you all had a good weekend!



  1. Glad to see you back! Your final piece looks AMAAAZING, my exam pieces at A level were shiteee so I messed up my really good coursework. Haha

  2. hey leanne, i have been avidly reading your konad posts!

    glad you like my piece, i printed it A2 and famed it, it was like WOAH

    just a question my nails are super small, do you think its worth me getting into konading or not?


  3. Oooh wowee :)

    Daww thank you for reading hehe.

    YES! Some, particularly the full nail image plates actually work better on shorties. DO IT :D


  4. thankyou for the comment, i'm glad you enjoy looking at it, I've just started following yours so I can keep updated! The top is from Zara I got it in summer though x

  5. wow i really love that picture for your photography, it's really good, you should post more of your pictures! and what, you mean that was your first KFC EVER??!! lol
    Sid xoxo