Thursday, 25 August 2011

What Milly Wore: Shoe Triplets - Black Studded Slippers

Hi guys,
Today is the start of a new feature that me, Hannah from Bow Dream Nation 
& Caz from My Stylisms thought up when we realised we own a lot of the same shoes!
'Shoe Triplets' :)
Me and Hannah have done 'clothes twins' posts before which went down well, 
so this is a similar kind of  feature, where we each show how we would wear the same item.

Our Shoes this time are:
Topshop Black 'Vectra' Studded Slippers £28

I wore mine with:

Plain Black T-shirt: New Look
Black and White Star Print Trousers:  ASOS

White Multiple Skull Necklace: Jessica Kagan Cushman 
(around £75 in the sale, expensive but I'll keep it forever)
Black Patent Guitar Watch: Marc Jacobs

Nudey Pink Nail Varnish: O.P.I Tickle My Francey

As you can see I stuck to black and white with statement pieces :)
I can't wait so see how the other girls wore theirs,
Hannah and Caz should have their posts up soon so don't forget to go check them out!


Monday, 22 August 2011

What Milly Wore: Shorts & Wedges

*excuse the squinty face, I need to work out how to stop myself doing that!

I'm not gonna lie to you,
when I left the house wearing this outfit, I thought I looked pretty damn good!
However, my boyfriend was not so keen,
and looking at the pictures, I agree with him I don't look quite as I had pictured in my head.
Why brain do you fool me so??

Leather Waistcoat: New Look, at least 4 years ago if not longer
I also have this waistcoat in brow, both real leather
and they couldn't have cost me more than £10 each!
I couldn't do it up as I'm much bigger now than when I bought it
however with the use of a hair bobble I managed to keep it closed which looked much better

Plain Black T-shirt: New Look

Aztec Print Shorts: New Look
No idea why I'm wearing so much New Look at once!
Love these shorts, great aztec pattern ( had to get a 16 to fit round my butt, boo)
If anything a bit too short, but I still love them

Black Bag With Horse Buckle: Miss Selfridge

Sabre Skull Necklace: Galibardy

Black 'slimming' tights: Primark
actually quite impressed with these tights,
they were £3 and although I don't think they are particularly slimming,
I did feel well held in, without being restricted
and they didn't fall down and were quite comfy

Burgundy Suede 'Ruby Tuesday'  Wedge boots: Clarks Originals
First time I've worn them
and I really like them... a whole lot
but I am not used to walking in any kind of heel at all
must practice more!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lust After: Lotsa Lamps

Some of my favourite bloggers (who have awesome taste) 
have been blogging about interesting lights
(including GemGeorgina & Queen Marie )
and quite a few have also caught my eye, 
so I thought I'd collect together my favourite ones in one post

Aren't these lamps adroable,
as far as I can tell  its they are French Bulldogs,
Really different and quirky too

I instantly thought of this lamp when I saw the Ben Di Lisi ones,
Oh Em Gee it's a bunny :)
a little more affordable too!

As far as I can tell this bunny lamp came first,
a little too similar no?
But obviously much more expensive

And once I'd found 2 rabbit lamps I was on a roll
I loove this pink one,
and I like that they light from the inside
so the whole bunny glows

And bunny lamps are not just for the grown-up
this children's version is so sweet,
and the best bit is even though it's for children
grown-ups can buy it if they want to!

Cream Tea Time Ceramic Lamp £110 Laura Ashley

But if you're a proper grown-up
you might prefer something a little more sophisticated like this teacup lamp

Teacups Table Lamp £50 Next

Are you spotting a pattern here??
I find a lovely but pricey lamp,
then I see that next have used it for 'inspiration'!
(in all honestly I like Nexts versions and I would buy them purely on price)

The more I searches,
the more I found!
Incredible lights everywhere,
Varieties of luminous colors
and in loads of different shapes
*at this point my mind was blown*

(but I don't actually need one because I have a lovely red one..
but it's not quite as nice as these)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What Milly Wore: Gone Dotty

Hi Guys,
Here is an outfit that I wore last week and forgot to post about!

Polka Dot Silky Shirt: £20 Wallis (sale)
I almost never go into Wallis,
but I went in whilst shopping with my mum, and there was so much lovely stuff!
I was very surprised and will definitely be going back :)

Black & Gold Belt: Vintage £4 (Charity Shop)
Being unemployed for the first time since I've been old enough to work
I've had to rethink the way I shop,
and although I loved charity shop shopping before, I love it even more now!

Dark Blue Skinny Jeans: ASOS (sale)

Tan Loafers: Office
My go to comfy shoes.

Gold & Green Collar Necklace: Vintage £4 (Charity shop)
I have a lot to tell/show you about my recent charity shop finds
including this necklace so more on this in a later post.

AARRGHHHH Necklace: Tatty Devine
This necklace was technically free as I got it in a Tatty Devine swap/trade

and if you're wondering the lipstick is Mac Neon Orange, which I love
but actually can't tell the difference between that and Mac Morange
both of which I own

I liked this outfit muchly,but since these photos were taken 
I have said goodbye to the semi mullet I had going on there:)


Monday, 8 August 2011

What Milly Wore: The Birds

Hi guys, this is an outfit I wore last week :)

Bird Print Cropped top: Topshop (a year or so ago)
Black Maxi Skirt: From a Clothes swapping party (free)
White Quilted Bag: New Look Sale (ages ago)

I couldn't seem to find a flattering picture of this outfit, 
but I really thought it looked good at the time!

Studded Slipper Shoes: Topshop £28 (new)

These shoes are so so so incredibly comfy,
seriously like wearing....... slippers! ;p

Also if you're wondering I used Mac Lip Erase on my lips :)


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lust After: Ridiculous things I would like to buy!

Here is a list of Ridiculous things that I have to try very hard to stop myself buying :)

Large Female Lego Storage Head (around £20)
How rindokulous is this,
seriously incredible, and you can put things inside it!

Stamp Rug (around £700 - £900 depending on the size)
You may have seen these on Goks Fashion Fix or Alan Carr Chatty Man
and oh boy do I want one, they come in lots of different colours too!
 RetroSuperFuture Ciccio Glasses (£150 ish)
I love a good pair of geek glasses
and these are the holy grail!
They are the same as the ones Grace Woodward wears on BINTM

Apple Lamp (£30 from Firebox)
I love anything with apples on,
(I almost bought an apple shaped tv once, true story)
I looove these lamps they are so friggin cute

Quartz Crystal Shard Necklace by Tatty Devine (was £216 now £108)
oh me oh my, this necklace blows my mind,
it couldn't be any more awesome even if it tried!

Last but not least
This gorgeous Leather & Leopard print jacket from ASOS (£160)
Wowzas, I dont think I need to say much about this at all do I!

What are you guys lusting after at the moment??