Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What Milly Wore: Gone Dotty

Hi Guys,
Here is an outfit that I wore last week and forgot to post about!

Polka Dot Silky Shirt: £20 Wallis (sale)
I almost never go into Wallis,
but I went in whilst shopping with my mum, and there was so much lovely stuff!
I was very surprised and will definitely be going back :)

Black & Gold Belt: Vintage £4 (Charity Shop)
Being unemployed for the first time since I've been old enough to work
I've had to rethink the way I shop,
and although I loved charity shop shopping before, I love it even more now!

Dark Blue Skinny Jeans: ASOS (sale)

Tan Loafers: Office
My go to comfy shoes.

Gold & Green Collar Necklace: Vintage £4 (Charity shop)
I have a lot to tell/show you about my recent charity shop finds
including this necklace so more on this in a later post.

AARRGHHHH Necklace: Tatty Devine
This necklace was technically free as I got it in a Tatty Devine swap/trade

and if you're wondering the lipstick is Mac Neon Orange, which I love
but actually can't tell the difference between that and Mac Morange
both of which I own

I liked this outfit muchly,but since these photos were taken 
I have said goodbye to the semi mullet I had going on there:)



  1. your necklace is AMAZING! love the vintage belt too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. The shirt is fab! Very jealous of your gorgeous charity shop purchases x

    half the world away.