Thursday, 25 August 2011

What Milly Wore: Shoe Triplets - Black Studded Slippers

Hi guys,
Today is the start of a new feature that me, Hannah from Bow Dream Nation 
& Caz from My Stylisms thought up when we realised we own a lot of the same shoes!
'Shoe Triplets' :)
Me and Hannah have done 'clothes twins' posts before which went down well, 
so this is a similar kind of  feature, where we each show how we would wear the same item.

Our Shoes this time are:
Topshop Black 'Vectra' Studded Slippers £28

I wore mine with:

Plain Black T-shirt: New Look
Black and White Star Print Trousers:  ASOS

White Multiple Skull Necklace: Jessica Kagan Cushman 
(around £75 in the sale, expensive but I'll keep it forever)
Black Patent Guitar Watch: Marc Jacobs

Nudey Pink Nail Varnish: O.P.I Tickle My Francey

As you can see I stuck to black and white with statement pieces :)
I can't wait so see how the other girls wore theirs,
Hannah and Caz should have their posts up soon so don't forget to go check them out!



  1. i can't believe i am saying this but i think the slippers are growing on me. first time i was like 'wtf' but with this outfit and those cool pants, they look all right!
    i need to lie down now

  2. LOVE this outfit, the trousers are so cool and that necklace is amazing. I think everything works so well together and looks really fab

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. Ammazing outfit!! Good Job, I love the pants

  4. I frigging love this outfit and my favourite bits are the necklace, trousers and obviously the shoes! It is such a good idea for a post as we have all styled them so differently - Topshop should be thanking us;)

    Caz x

  5. Man. You are so cool. Love the pants, necklace AND watch

  6. I neeeed these trousers! I love the outfit :) x

    half the world away.

  7. this is an amazing necklace you're wearing.. I want it x__x

  8. I love how you've styled those shoes! The trouers are ace and that necklace is to die for, definitely worth the money!