Monday, 22 August 2011

What Milly Wore: Shorts & Wedges

*excuse the squinty face, I need to work out how to stop myself doing that!

I'm not gonna lie to you,
when I left the house wearing this outfit, I thought I looked pretty damn good!
However, my boyfriend was not so keen,
and looking at the pictures, I agree with him I don't look quite as I had pictured in my head.
Why brain do you fool me so??

Leather Waistcoat: New Look, at least 4 years ago if not longer
I also have this waistcoat in brow, both real leather
and they couldn't have cost me more than £10 each!
I couldn't do it up as I'm much bigger now than when I bought it
however with the use of a hair bobble I managed to keep it closed which looked much better

Plain Black T-shirt: New Look

Aztec Print Shorts: New Look
No idea why I'm wearing so much New Look at once!
Love these shorts, great aztec pattern ( had to get a 16 to fit round my butt, boo)
If anything a bit too short, but I still love them

Black Bag With Horse Buckle: Miss Selfridge

Sabre Skull Necklace: Galibardy

Black 'slimming' tights: Primark
actually quite impressed with these tights,
they were £3 and although I don't think they are particularly slimming,
I did feel well held in, without being restricted
and they didn't fall down and were quite comfy

Burgundy Suede 'Ruby Tuesday'  Wedge boots: Clarks Originals
First time I've worn them
and I really like them... a whole lot
but I am not used to walking in any kind of heel at all
must practice more!


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  1. Maybe it's the pastel with the black? The waistcoat (which I love!) is a bit rock chick where as the shorts are a bit beachy/boho? I think overall though it looks pretty good :)