Friday, 15 October 2010

Lust After: Biker Boots

This week I've been loving Biker Boots
Here are my top picks!

Mid Calf Zip Storm Biker Boots £215 Ash
Short Studded Rem Strap Biker Boots £269 Ash 

Trash Studded Boots £260 Ash

 Black Biker Chain Boot £74.99 River Island
Studded Biker Boot £74.99 River Island
 Black Biker Chain Boot £74.99 River Island

Wish I could afford an ash pair, but I can't
So I've bought the last river island pair!
They can be folded down too to reveal shearling!
Was going to buy the first R I pair 
(same boot but proper black rather than muddy black)
But it sold out really quick online
and I was sad
But today the muddy black pair came online,
and I like that colour even more!
As I have to many plain black boots!

River island make no distinction between the two colours though, which I find odd!

Will you be jumping on the Biker Boot Band Wagon?



  1. Ooh I love all of those! I have some quite tame ones from primark which are surprisingly nice for their tiny price tag! xo

  2. There'll be no bandwagon jumping needed here.
    I have a real pair :)

  3. Jennie: yay love a bit of primarni, my towns getting a primark next month, I could not be more excited! x

    Alexandria: oooh real pair eh, hardcore!!! thanks for the comment hun x


  4. all of them areee amazing! you have a wonderful little blog, i am now following :) xxx

  5. I'm hoping to get them first River Island ones for my birthday :D

    Im just about to follow you!

    Sophie x

  6. biker boots have definitely have been my Fall go-to item! : )