Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lust After: Busy Busy Bee!

My my, I've been a busy bee recently!
I've just gone back to uni,
after working full time all summer,

I managed to drag my bum to a Radley show in Bristol
and a Clarks training day in Solihull (both for work)
and then starting back at big school for my 3rd year
all without freaking out

well done me!
I'm genuinely super proud of my self
It would be tonnes easier to stay at home and be a hermit
but I'm not
hurrah for me!

anyway less of the self praise!

I've bought so many nice new things
and worn some really nice outfits
and managed to take a total of 0 pictures
oh well, until I get back into the swing of things 
here are some items I've been lusting after:

Happy Cloud Bag £12.99 Paperchase
Knitted Reindeer Collar £19.99 Zara

Long Skleave Jaquard Poncho £39.99 Zara

Silhouette Single Bedding £24.99 H&M online

Eau De Cologne Single Bedding £24.99 H&M online

(neither of which are available in double, boohoo)

Leopard Creepers £49 Clarks

And something I've actually bought is this little baby:

I wore it today and love it lots!

Navajo Jacket £44.99 River Island

Hope all you lovely readers are well and stress free,
what do you think of any of these bits, love or hate?
anything you're lusting after?




  1. I absolutely love that cloud bag too! I pick it up EVERY time I go into paperchase! Also, that jacket from River Island is gorgeous! I'm very jealous! xx

  2. I've not seen that happy cloud bag before, but I actually now believe that my life will not ever be happy without owning it..!


  3. LOVE the bedding, and the leopard print shoes look like my TUK ones in my good old punk days :) (They ripped my feet to shreds though! *sadface*) xoxo

  4. Your lust list is amazing! That cloud bag is possibly the best thing I've ever seen! xo

  5. The funky happy cloud bag makes my day; You have a wickedly trendy sense of style.

    Looking cool for under £15? Only Millycupcake could spot this.

  6. thanks for all the comments guys,
    it seems the cloud bag is a hit!
    I really want to get it,
    but i've spent too much money :(