Thursday, 30 July 2009

Fashion Fix / New Arrival: WildFox Couture

Today I received two more Wildfox Couture ( previously White Horse) T-shirts in the post!
Their whole brand image is ridiculously fabulous, even down to their pink heart shape tags.

what make me love them even more is the photography on their website

Its so inspiring and retro looking, it makes me feel funny inside!

New Version Love Potion No9 T-shirt - Neon Pink: Received this beauty this morning, from Karmaloop, although from America, it was in the sale and had a 20% off code so ended up quite cheap. This is a large, as it was the only size left, but it doesn't matter because its gorgeously slouchy and oversized!

Prom queen Cropped T-shirt - Yellow: Now I'm not one to show my belly, but I couldn't resist this. Again on sale at Karmaloop, its a size medium. Tried it on with quite a few options today and it looks ace, great for layering over a long black t-shirt dress.

Old Style Love Potion No 9 T-shirt - Dirty White: Got this one from a couple of weeks ago and I just love it. There are two different versions of the Love Potion t-shirt, personally i love and prefer this style with the square, but I just had to get the other style too as they are both so Chanel-esque. This is a Small, and is more fitted than my others, but it still looks nice!

Old Style Love Potion No 9 T-shirt - Coral/Orange: Again from unusual threads, even though these came from America, they do FREE international postage, so it ended up way cheaper than getting them from asos. Colour was described as coral , but its way more orangey to me, still love it though! Got this one in a Medium. were super lovely and helpful, and cheaper than in the U.K!

Yay love all my t-shirts, a lot, in case you couldn't tell!
here are a couple more wildfox piccys for you to drool over!


What Milly Wore: on her last day off

This is what I wore today!

Spangley turquoise Cardie: Topshop
Turquoise and pink kaftan dress: Warehouse
(arrived in the post yesterday morning, with the same dress but in red, with cream stitching, love them!)
Bleached Denim Skinny Jeans: River Island ( they have a crazy skull design in studds on the pocket!)
Gold Gladiator sandals: Bootleg (bootleg is the kids bit at clarks!)

also had some new arrivals today, might turn them into a fashion fix though!


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fashion Fix: Disney Couture

After wearing my Disney couture pirates of the Caribbean Gun necklace yesterday, I thought I might share with you the rest of my Disney Couture collection
as I am Royally Obsessed.

There designs are so cute and quirky, I just can't get enough!

Bracelet Above: My most recent D C purchase, love the sentiment
" think of a wonderful thought"
it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Tinkerbell on a pearl necklace: Probably my most worn necklace! shes kinda small and discreet so great for wearing to work/ everyday. Bought for me by The Boy, ain't he lovely!

Royal Invitation Necklace: From the Cinderella collection, this is so cute. It even contains a wee removable letter! every time I wear it I cant stop fiddling with the envelope!

Mickey Necklace: Not sure if this is strictly Disney couture, but its definitely Disney, got it in the sale at asos, great to add some fun to an LBD

Yaaarrr Sword Chain: this is soo delicate, you might not even notice It's made from tiny swords!

Tinkerbell Openable Treasure Chest Necklace: Everyone always compliments me on this when i wear it. just love the fact it opens up, again great for playing with during a lecture.

Mirror mirror necklace: Lovely long length, wanted a mirror or monocle necklace for ages, just love this one, soo pretty.

Beauty and the Beast Crest Necklace: I love all things with crests or medals on, so this necklace was right up my street. I love its English feel, I love to wear it with my navy cardigan

Fairest of them all necklace: Think this is probably my first ever piece of Disney couture! Again bought for me my The ever so lovely Boy! lusted after it for ages before it got bought for me :)

Blue Skull Pendant: Again this one is nice and long which i love, amazing colour, and a bit more edgy than a lot of their stuff. Great With leather jackets!

That is all

Won the most amazing thing on ebay today, Will show you when it arrives!

toodle pip!


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What Milly Wore: On her 1st of 3 days off!

Love this outfit!
Excuse the puffy red face, lack of makeup and crap hair!
Its the outfit were focusing on here!

Was feeling casual, but I didn't want to look too slobby
so I went for matchy matchy goodness

Gun Necklace: Disney Couture
Love Potion No 9 T-shirt: Wildfox Couture
(I own two of these and just ordered two more styles!)
Jeans: New Look, as most of my jeans are
Camouflage trainers with neon stripes: Vicini
(probably the oldest shoes I have, and my first pair of 'expensive' shoes)
Huge Neon Bag: Vans

OK so I kinda bough the bag cos i saw it on Miss Lohan
but it is amazing!

And look how well it matches my trainers

Plus it fits everything in it!

night all!


Monday, 27 July 2009

What I Will Wear: Clarks Course

OK So I'm going on a Clarks Shoes course next Tuesday
(4th of August)
To make myself feel better, I have decided to get my outfit ready in advance

So here it is!

Boyfriend Jacket: Topshop
Pixel Print Dress: Topshop
Purple Beads : My Mums, Joan Rivers @ QVC
Grey Trousers: New Look
Purple Bag: Asos (a couple of years ago)
Purple Patent T-Bar Shoes: Clarks (of course!)

I don't really have many pairs of clarks shoes,
So I started with these purple babies, and built my outfit around them!

I'm looking forward to the course day muchly
But I'm also REALLY scared!



Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lust After: Skull Chic

I want!

Here are a few lust after pieces!
Im loving the grungey rocky feel atm,
especially anything featuring skulls, studs or leather

Leather Jacket - Topshop
Skull Ring - Alexander Mcqueen *drools*
Chief Skull T-shirt - All Saints
Cross Skull Lucite Necklace - Tarina Tarantino
Studded Ankle Boots - Topshop


Saturday, 25 July 2009

What Milly Wore .... Ish!

This is my first What I Wore post!
Bu technically it doesn't count as I'm not playing by the rules!

My plan is to take a picture of myself a couple of times a week when I'm wearing a nice outfit. and then post it as my What I Wore post.

However I'm such an eager beaver this is a What I Wore post, in advance!
It's been a really long day at work, and I just ate a whole pizza.
Then I was overcome with the urge to write a blog post!!
But I was in my not so fashionable work clothes

So I went upstairs and picked out my outfit for tomorrow
and this is the result, that will be worn as long as it doesn't rain!

Oversized Crop-Top: Topshop £20??
Silver Coin Necklace: Vintage, My Mums
Bog Standard Jeans: New Look
Amazing Gladiator Sandals: Pikolinos @ Humphries Droitwich £75
(Love these sandals, all leather, zip up the back, Spanish, and lovely and from my work!)

so that is that
I feel better now i have made a blog post

night night


Friday, 24 July 2009

Fashion Fix: Rule Britannia

So one of my current favourite trends is the
union jack / red white and blue/ Rule Britannia trend!
I liked the American flag trend last year but this is so much more patriotic for a Brit!

Here are a few items I've bought recently:

Silky Handkerchief top - Topshop around £30
( a bit revealing, deffo wear strap top underneath!)

Hair bow - Chapeau Claudette @ASOS around £8.00 in the SALE

Union Jack Scarf - River Island (Graduate Designers Range) Around £15

Amazing Headphones - Mix Style @ £30

But wait till you see the other side!!!

Argghh I love them! Different on each ear!
( OK they are a bit American flag, but hey they go with the theme!)

Also I want this but its £180 and sold out on their website

So yes, that's me all Rule Britanniaed out!
Here's me being patriotic!


Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Arrival: Barbie Goodness

Here are just 2 of the items that have arrived at my door this week!
For those of you that don't know me,
I get about 5 parcels a week!

I know, that's a lot
But there shouldn't be so many good websites to order from!

Plus at the moment there are so many good sales on,
So I feel it is my duty as a fashionista to take these sites up on their bargainous goodies!

Barbie & Paul's Boutique Bags:

Right, I heard about this collaboration a while ago, at first it only launched in Ireland, So I though I would never get my grubby mitts on one!

But...... If you view the wee poster above, you will see that the bags launched at Selfridges !

when I saw it I was like OMG

Birmingham is the closest Selfridges to me, and its not super convenient as I don't drive, and I hate trains! so I looked on eBay. Do Not Buy These Bags From EBay. All the ones on eBay are the real thing, but considering their RRP is £80, they are selling for £150+. Now I have been known to sell the odd thing on eBay for profit, but that is extortionate.

I formulated a new plan, I googled Selfridges and found that although you cant buy off them online, they do mail order if you phone them. So that is exactly what I did. I bought 2 different styles, and they charged me £10 postage, which isn't bad considering they eBay prices, and that it would have cost me to get to Birmingham anyway.

They arrived today


I love them, lots!

I think I prefer the zebra print one, but the fabby thing about the back patent style is that it can fit an A3 sketchbook in it, which is tres useful for me!

Here are some close ups:

And also I got these free:

Anyway, I've been going on for ages,

Note to self, make blog posts shorter!


Lust After: Chanel Heart Bag

I thought I would start my first ever blog post with one of my current lust after pieces!
This bag is from the Chanel cruise collection 09

I would actually give my left arm for it, its just wonderfullness summed up in one bag!
I must admit, I probably own about 5 heart shaped bags,
But they are nothing compared to this bad boy!

I'm struggling to find out the price
But its safe to say is probably £1000 or more
which unfortunatly is a little out of my price range *wimper*

Its been seen on Nicola from Girls Aloud
and KellyOsbourne, great taste ladies

For now I shall make do with my topshop versions!

Here are a few alternatives for you!

Heart bags