Saturday, 25 July 2009

What Milly Wore .... Ish!

This is my first What I Wore post!
Bu technically it doesn't count as I'm not playing by the rules!

My plan is to take a picture of myself a couple of times a week when I'm wearing a nice outfit. and then post it as my What I Wore post.

However I'm such an eager beaver this is a What I Wore post, in advance!
It's been a really long day at work, and I just ate a whole pizza.
Then I was overcome with the urge to write a blog post!!
But I was in my not so fashionable work clothes

So I went upstairs and picked out my outfit for tomorrow
and this is the result, that will be worn as long as it doesn't rain!

Oversized Crop-Top: Topshop £20??
Silver Coin Necklace: Vintage, My Mums
Bog Standard Jeans: New Look
Amazing Gladiator Sandals: Pikolinos @ Humphries Droitwich £75
(Love these sandals, all leather, zip up the back, Spanish, and lovely and from my work!)

so that is that
I feel better now i have made a blog post

night night


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