Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Arrival: Barbie Goodness

Here are just 2 of the items that have arrived at my door this week!
For those of you that don't know me,
I get about 5 parcels a week!

I know, that's a lot
But there shouldn't be so many good websites to order from!

Plus at the moment there are so many good sales on,
So I feel it is my duty as a fashionista to take these sites up on their bargainous goodies!

Barbie & Paul's Boutique Bags:

Right, I heard about this collaboration a while ago, at first it only launched in Ireland, So I though I would never get my grubby mitts on one!

But...... If you view the wee poster above, you will see that the bags launched at Selfridges !

when I saw it I was like OMG

Birmingham is the closest Selfridges to me, and its not super convenient as I don't drive, and I hate trains! so I looked on eBay. Do Not Buy These Bags From EBay. All the ones on eBay are the real thing, but considering their RRP is £80, they are selling for £150+. Now I have been known to sell the odd thing on eBay for profit, but that is extortionate.

I formulated a new plan, I googled Selfridges and found that although you cant buy off them online, they do mail order if you phone them. So that is exactly what I did. I bought 2 different styles, and they charged me £10 postage, which isn't bad considering they eBay prices, and that it would have cost me to get to Birmingham anyway.

They arrived today


I love them, lots!

I think I prefer the zebra print one, but the fabby thing about the back patent style is that it can fit an A3 sketchbook in it, which is tres useful for me!

Here are some close ups:

And also I got these free:

Anyway, I've been going on for ages,

Note to self, make blog posts shorter!


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