Monday, 31 May 2010

What Milly Wore: New Shoes Special!

Hey lauder-ettes
happy bank holiday Monday
Here is what I wore yesterday:

Green Sailor Dress: Orion (customised by removing the elasticated waist)
Black Shimmery Cardigan: Topshop
Acid Wash Leggings: New Look
Blush coloured bag: New look sale £7
Face Ballet Flats: Topshop
Lightning Bolt Necklace: White Trash Charms

on the subject of shoes,
I thought i would show you a few pairs I bought recently
I know I know,
I don't need any more shoes
but I just cant help myself!

Gorgeous Face Ballet Pumps from topshop

Pietra toning flipflops by FitFlop (from my work)
I cannot tell you how much of a fan of fitflops I am
I own 4 pairs!
OK so they may not tone that much,
But boy they are the comfiest shoes ever,
I could walk miles in them!

Leather Flipflops with spike detail: Topshop
I seriously love the spikes on these
Very givenchy / louboutin

They are the most uncomfortable flipflops ever

Hanne Tan Clogs: ASOS £35
I so wanted to buy into the clog trend,
but I don't do high heels so i thought these would be perfect
Love the style, just like topshops hasbeens but much cheaper!

I love them,
They are a little but too big, as I'm a half size but not too bad
not the comfiest shoes ever,
but not too bad, I'm sure I  can get used to them!

How cute are these!

I LOVE them! A lot
Topshop £22

they jingle when you walk!

I heard a lot about these from fellow bloggers
So I got myself a pair!
Tres cute
made from rubber
and great for every day

Melissa £25

Pretty comfy too!

have you guys bought any shoes recently??


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

100 followers and 100th post giveaway!

So I have now reached over 100 followers
and this is my 100th post!
spooky eh!

To celebrate this and as a big thank you to you all I'm having a giveaway!

The prize is a book called: Make-Up Is Art: Creative Make-up by AOFM
AOFM is the Academy of Freelance Make-Up

I bought this book for myself after a friend told me about it
and OMG its amazing
so I got one for you guys as well!

It goes over the basics but as well as more creative and inspirational images, 
full of glitter and body paint and rhinestones!

Even if you don't win I recommend you buy it its £30 but well worth it!

If I get quite a few entries I will also do runner up prizes!

To Enter

You Must Be A Blog Follower of Mine

Comment on this post with: Enter Me
and a way of contacting you such as email or twitter

For an extra entry Tweet or blog about my giveaway
and leave an EXTRA comment showing me!

Giveaway Closes on the 1st July

I reserve the right to discount any entries I deem not genuine

The winner will be chosen at random

Thanks Ladies!


What Milly Wore: Fun In The Sun!

Hey guys,
I've bought a new snappy camera,
which means I'm loads better at remembering to take outfit pictures!

Yesterday I wore:
Fairtrade Cotton Skater Dress: Topshop £16
Pink Leopard Cardigan: Warehouse sale £20
Black Hair Bow: H&M Kids
Bleached Leggings: New Look
Grey & Pink Ballet Pumps: Office sale £15 
(the pink bows are printed with measuring tape!)
Studded Bag: Topshop £30

Today I wore:
Aeronaut Wings Necklace: Elsiebelle
Grey Waterfall Cardi: TKMAXX
American Skull Vest: Allsaints (25% sale now on)
Jeans: ASOS petite
Red Deck Shoes: Moshulu (crazy comfy)
Black Gem Ring: Calvin Klein 
(£15 reduced from £75 as they only had tiny sizes left)
Black Studded Bag: Topshop £30

Please excuse the lack of make-up
I'm having skin issues,
very sensitive, and  super red
probably rosacea
So I'm trying to give it a breather!


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Milly on What Katie Wore!

I'm sure excited to tell you all I was features on What Katie Wore today!

Now if any of you don't know (I'm sure you do)
is a blog that started as a challenge for the charming Joe to take a picture of 
his lovely girlfriend Katie and her outfits every day!

Its the blog that first got me into blogging
and as far as I'm concerned the original and best what you wore blog!

So Here is my outfit that they put on the
what YOU wore side of their site!

 Maxi Dress - New Look £25
Sequin Shawl - Topshop £3 (reduced from £60!)
Sunglasses - New Look £5
Necklace - Mawi @ Asos £13 (reduced from £55)
Belt - Allsaints
Gold Gladiator Sandles - Clarks Kids £10
Metallic Satchel - Marks & Spencers £35

Loving maxi dresses,
have you bought into the trend?


Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm Back, wanna see what I have been up to??

Yay last hand in was yesterday
so I now have time to blog!
I tell you what I have really missed it!

So if you have been wondering what i have been up to

Firstly here is one of my projects,
we had to photograph 2 of the 7 deadly sins



So yeah i really liked how they came out,
the first one i bought the wedding dress from a charity shop, bloody £30 quid!

The second one is just all my stuff, in my garden!
supposed to be about excess in general,
like drugs, shopping , food etc!

those images are heavily edited,
as that's what the module required

Next I had to take a professional looking portrait

And this is my image
My GBF Lewis!

I totally love this image,
I kinda surprised myself!
It is COMPLETELY unedited, nothing done to it at all!

and for textiles we could do what we liked
and i went off on a mirror theme
for interior design
This is the chair I transformed

From this

To this

I printed and embellished the fabric for the seat,
and the back of the chair!
(click any pics to make them bigger)

So that's everything,
except a whole bunch of essays!

What do you think of my work?
Have you guys had any hand ins / exams!
Good Luck to everyone that's still working hard!

Look forward to blogging tonnes over the summer!


Friday, 14 May 2010

Visual Sweets: Fantasy Friday

Oh, How I wish I was all these smushed together!


Saturday, 8 May 2010

New Arrival: Topshop Make-up, Swatches & First Impressions

Hi lovely readers
as you may or may not know I was super excited about Topshops new make-up range
So i placed my order on launch day and today it arrived!


Left To Right:
Lip Polish - Coral
Amazon Nails - Cloud
Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint - Bitten Berry
Eye Crayon - Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner - First Light
Lipstick Crayon - Vintage
Amazon Crayon - Sun Shower
Skin Tint - Fair

Lip Polish - Coral

Amazon Nails - Cloud

Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint - Bitten Berry

Eye Crayon - Midnight

Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner - First Light

 Lipstick Crayon - Vintage

 Amazon Crayon - Sun Shower

Skin Tint - Fair


Skin Tint - Fair

Amazon Nails - Cloud

Eye Crayon - Midnight

Eye Crayon - Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner - First Light
Lipstick Crayon - Vintage
Amazon Crayon - Sun Shower

Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint - Bitten Berry
Eye Crayon - Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner - First Light
Lipstick Crayon - Vintage
Amazon Crayon - Sun Shower
Lip Polish - Coral (top right)

That's Everything!

Recommended: Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint - very good colour, more of a purple based red compared to benetint etc, really lovely feel and consistency, plus staying power!

A Bit of a Let Down: Skin Tint- Fair. Totally different to the swatch on the website
Comes out pretty orange, once blended not too bad but the most expensive thing in the range at £10
Smells very floral too

Absolute Bargain:Amazon Nails - Cloud! I'm not sure if its the same for each colour but great formula opaque in one coat! easy to apply and only £5
Biggest Surprise: Both the Amazon Crayon and the Amazon Kohl, are really good, super smooth, great colour. Very like the urban decay liners or MAC pearl gliders.
Not sure it was worth it: Eye Crayon - Midnight. Its not terrible but after swatching both the amazon liners as well its just not anywhere near as good as them

It seems I liked everything from the trend range a lot better than their basics
the Amazon line is a little more, so maybe that's where they put all the little gems?

Any thoughts?