Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm Back, wanna see what I have been up to??

Yay last hand in was yesterday
so I now have time to blog!
I tell you what I have really missed it!

So if you have been wondering what i have been up to

Firstly here is one of my projects,
we had to photograph 2 of the 7 deadly sins



So yeah i really liked how they came out,
the first one i bought the wedding dress from a charity shop, bloody £30 quid!

The second one is just all my stuff, in my garden!
supposed to be about excess in general,
like drugs, shopping , food etc!

those images are heavily edited,
as that's what the module required

Next I had to take a professional looking portrait

And this is my image
My GBF Lewis!

I totally love this image,
I kinda surprised myself!
It is COMPLETELY unedited, nothing done to it at all!

and for textiles we could do what we liked
and i went off on a mirror theme
for interior design
This is the chair I transformed

From this

To this

I printed and embellished the fabric for the seat,
and the back of the chair!
(click any pics to make them bigger)

So that's everything,
except a whole bunch of essays!

What do you think of my work?
Have you guys had any hand ins / exams!
Good Luck to everyone that's still working hard!

Look forward to blogging tonnes over the summer!



  1. :O Omgeeee Milly. I LOVE that chair.

  2. It's nice to see you back! The photos are wonderful, you are really talented! And i love the chair, wonderful stuff!

  3. Youre so talented, hope you killed in your projects. xx

  4. aww thanks ladies,
    I'm feeling the love!
    *feels warm and fuzzy inside*