Sunday, 28 February 2010

Getting rid of 25 pairs of shoes :(

So, I've a little shoe problem,
as in I have too many
They seem to multiply, I find them everywhere,
and I have no room to put them all

So instead of not buying anymore shoes,
I'm going to get rid of some!
good idea eh!

I managed to clear out 25 pairs,
and if you think that was me being ruthless,
it wasn't, there were plenty more that should have gone but I kept!
I still have about 100 pairs left so I'm o.k!

Some of them, I bought to decorate,
like the two pairs of high tops in this picture,
I rhinestoned the toes, but actually they don't fit me!

some of them I bought off eBay and I have NEVER even worn
because they don't fit
like the tan boots in this pic,
and what was I even thinking with the camo boots

Some just arn't my style anymore,
Like the blue and red high heels,
and the navy blue brogue heels at the front
who was I kidding, I don't do heels!

Some were just cheap and I have better versions of now,
like the leopard pumps in this pic
and I wrote all over those light blue converse at college!
bad idea, now they look scruffy

Some I have worn to death
the brown toggle boots I have worn the tread off,
they were so comfy I wore them all the time about 4 years ago
and the black buckle strap shoes at the front,
they are probably my oldest pair, I wore them to high school
they have officially had it!
The other black mary janes with a strap (at the back to the left)
I wore to work loads last year,
but they just didn't last very well
they've gone all big :(

about 5 pairs are going straight in the bin
as they are sooo worn out
about 10 are going to the charity shop
nothing wrong with them
and about 10 are going on eBay to be sold
as they are a bit nicer and good names!

so now I can go out and buy 25 more pairs right?


Monday, 22 February 2010

Lust After: Alice Chic


Yes Please Lady!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Visual Sweets 9: Alice in Wonderland - Vogue

You've probably all seen this set of images before,
but I just cant get enough of them!
Taken by Annie Leibovitz
for US Vogue in 2003

What I love is although its nearly 7 years on,
they look like they could have been from this months issue!

Just imagine if these would have been a few years later,
and Alexander Mcqueen would have done an Alice picture
that could have been amazing!

On that note,
I've read so many thought provoking and moving blog tributes to Lee Mcqueen
there's not much left to say
except his great talent will be sorely missed


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lust After: Love Hearts & Crosses (Discount Code!)

I have super exciting news!

I have an exclusive discount code for you all
for 10% off at

as you may know, I love anything Alice in Wonderland
so my top picks are:


 White Rabbit Pocket Watch Necklace: £17

Alice In Wonderland Necklace: £14

Drink Me Necklace: £12.00

at the checkout for 10% off!
Valid untill the end of Feb
Go on, treat yourself!


Friday, 12 February 2010

New Arrival: Make-up and More!

Hello ladies,
Its struck me in the last few days that I've bought quite a few things in the last couple of weeks
And strangely for me, a lot of it has been make-up!
So I thought I would share with you what I've been buying

Above is all the make-up!
5 lipsticks
6 Nail Varnishes
9 Make-up Brushes

Got loads of new Brushes
the white ones are models own, I'm really pleased with them considering how cheap they are
The silver are Ruby and Millie
and the wiggly black ones are Sonia Kashuk from SpaceNK
love the brushes, but they took forever to arrive and spaceNK charge a lot for postage.

Nail Varnishes,
Im loving the Greige trend, started by Chanel's elusive colour Particuliere
Models own had 50 percent off a couple of weeks ago
so I took full advantage and bought a lot including these 4 nail varnishes,
the 3 brushes and a little pot of loose navy eyeshadow.
I also bought this colour by Essie - Chinchilly
the Chanel jade green dupe by Barry M
and not pictured OPI's you Don't know Jaques

I bought my first lot of illamasqua too,
they had a 50% off section
So i bought 3 cream eyeshadows
In a shimmery white, taupey grey and black
I really like them, but have had trouble stopping them slide around my face, any tips?

I've also bought some lipsticks,
3 from Barry m, in pale pink, lavender and nude
and a nude one from illamasqua also in the sale
I love love love the three Barry m lipsticks, really moisturizing and fab colours
I love the colour of the illamasqua one, but I've broken it already
Its all wibbly wobbly at the base, so I think I've managed to snap it
which is weird cos I've never broken a lipstick in my life :(

I don't know what to do with it now, any ideas?

I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw Henry Holland tights in TKMAXX
Above are just three, but I ended up buying 9 pairs in the end
Loads of designs in blue pink and purple.
They are actually super comfy too, they feel good quality.
I also bought more tights from H&M and am planning a tights post!

I got this spotty dress from New Look, should have been £28
but it was reduced to £20 and i got 20% student discount on top of that.
Also I bought a new snood from Topshop
I love the nude colour and its really long
perfect for my how to wear a snood post!

I got an Eiffel tower t-shirt from topshop
using a voucher that I got for my birthday off a lovely friendling

Still a sucker for spots,
I couldn't resist this top/dress from River island,
I love the style and frilly hem
just wish it was a bit longer

And just in case you were wondering,
I decided to keep these boots in the end
I love them, and have worn them quite a few times already!

I also spotted Ugly Betty series 3 for £17.99 on and I had to get it
I now own all 3 series, perfect for a girly night in

I have bought a lot,
and that's not even all of it,

Night Night girlies


Monday, 8 February 2010

What Milly Wore: Dancer chic, and Which boots?

Why hello!
Fancy seeing you here!
Well this last week just gone was my first week of a new semester at uni,
I've actually really enjoyed it!
I’ve been very bad at taking pictures of my outfits
Sowwy :(

But above is an outfit I wore last week
Consisting of:
Navy Waxed Coat: ASOS Sale £35 in the style of Alexa Chung
Grey Jersey Headband: New Look £1
Black Patent Quilted Bag: Angel Jackson Luxor Tote
Black Suede Pixie Boots: £35 River Island
Black Bootstraps with Gold Chains: 2bandits boot riders (so versatile!)


 Grey Unitard: American Apparel
(So comfy, but it’s a pain to get undressed every time nature calls!)
Navy Cardigan: Topshop
Ripped Denim Mini: New Look £6
Navy Scarf: Necklush (amazing concept, cross between a necklace and scarf!)

Really liked this outfit, it made me feel like a dancer!


Also here is an outfit I kind of wore today
Kind of because I bought the shirt today and was trying it on just now,

Chequered Shirt: SuperDry @ Bank £30 sale
Clown vest top: Allsaints
Dark Skinny Jeans: Crafted @ Republic

Now you may have noticed, I’m wearing boots that don’t match!
I’ve bought these two pairs,
Intending to keep one and take one back
Both £74.99 from River Island
But I can’t choose!

I don’t have the money to keep both so I have to decide,
I would love your opinions

My current feelings are
I was super super excited about the studded one; I had to track it down online (left)
But its pull on no zip, which annoys me a little
Also they are a bit shorter and I’m not sure if they cut my leg at an unflattering place
But off, they are my fave

The lace-up ones I prefer on I think (right)
But I have other pairs of lace up boots, although not really similar
But I've seen quite a few people wearing them, and not seen anyone in the studded ones
And I was just more excited about the studded ones
(click pics to view bigger, also please excuse carpet fluff!)

They both fit, and are both comfy,



Visual Sweets 8

Some Images I have been collecting over the last few weeks