Sunday, 28 February 2010

Getting rid of 25 pairs of shoes :(

So, I've a little shoe problem,
as in I have too many
They seem to multiply, I find them everywhere,
and I have no room to put them all

So instead of not buying anymore shoes,
I'm going to get rid of some!
good idea eh!

I managed to clear out 25 pairs,
and if you think that was me being ruthless,
it wasn't, there were plenty more that should have gone but I kept!
I still have about 100 pairs left so I'm o.k!

Some of them, I bought to decorate,
like the two pairs of high tops in this picture,
I rhinestoned the toes, but actually they don't fit me!

some of them I bought off eBay and I have NEVER even worn
because they don't fit
like the tan boots in this pic,
and what was I even thinking with the camo boots

Some just arn't my style anymore,
Like the blue and red high heels,
and the navy blue brogue heels at the front
who was I kidding, I don't do heels!

Some were just cheap and I have better versions of now,
like the leopard pumps in this pic
and I wrote all over those light blue converse at college!
bad idea, now they look scruffy

Some I have worn to death
the brown toggle boots I have worn the tread off,
they were so comfy I wore them all the time about 4 years ago
and the black buckle strap shoes at the front,
they are probably my oldest pair, I wore them to high school
they have officially had it!
The other black mary janes with a strap (at the back to the left)
I wore to work loads last year,
but they just didn't last very well
they've gone all big :(

about 5 pairs are going straight in the bin
as they are sooo worn out
about 10 are going to the charity shop
nothing wrong with them
and about 10 are going on eBay to be sold
as they are a bit nicer and good names!

so now I can go out and buy 25 more pairs right?



  1. Thats an amazing amount of shoes, i thought i had alot!

  2. I think i have about 100 pairs of shoes too, i need to take you as inspiration and do a big clear out!
    Also hee hee at the written on shoes, i think most of us have gone through that phase at some point :D

  3. I have a ridiculous amount of shoes too - a high proportion of them never having been worn. Which is pretty ridiculous.
    I really should do the same as you & have a clear out.. but.. I know I won't! Not yet anyway. I'm terrible - such a hoarder..
    Well done on your clear out!

  4. Hey Chick, If you are having a clear out Viv and I are collecting for the Relay for Life - Cancer Research UK - send it our way and we can get it to the CR charity shop and we get credits towards our fundraising total!

  5. hey kate,
    great idea,
    I shall make a bag of stuff for you guys!