Sunday, 1 August 2010

Visual Sweets: Pastel Hair

I need pastel hair
I have always loved having bright pink hair,
but I now need some pastel in my life!
I would die to have hair like a my little pony!

Here are some images I've been collecting!



  1. I love pastel hair, i had baby pink hair a year ago and loved it. The problem i have isthat everytime i colour my hair i do love it but i get all uncomfortable because in my head i have blonde hair :P

  2. Every time I get my hair re bleached I get tempted to ask for lavender blonde but then I think to myself 'who the hell am I kidding, I can't pull that off' haha I am no model!! But pastel hair looks amazing, I love Kelly O, she has AMAZING hair!!!!

  3. I love the purple and pink hair in the second pic of Lady Gaga but I SO couldn't pull it off!

  4. Oh I have also been thinking about doing this (for my holiday to Ibiza) does it was and fade I wonder? I had the silver and that washed out after a week

    GO for it xx

  5. Milly! I really do love reading your blog I've been a follower of yours for quite some time. I originally started blogging as a school assignment but am hoping to start it up again as soon as I find the charger to my camera :/ keep posting :D and check out my blog sometime in the future!

  6. Really want to dye my hair bubble gum pink...a bit like yours Milly! but I am black so I have no idea how the colour will look....maybe I should get a wig or extensions?

    Thanks for letting me know about aspire style website Milly!

  7. lillian and hannah - thanks for being my most regular commenters, it brings a smile to my face every time i get a notification! I think you would both look AMAZING with pastel hair! do it!

    Jill - thanks for the comment my lovely, I'm glad you enjoy my blog, it makes it worth doing when people appreciate it!