Monday, 25 October 2010

What Milly Wore: Layers upon layers

It's well chilly
Here is what I wore today:

Aviator Jacket: Zara £39.99
White Lace Dress: Pussycat London £6.00, Sale House of Fraiser

Khaki Blazer: River Island £12 Sale This Season
Skinny Jeans: New Look Sale, Yonks Ago

 Ear Muffs: Mark One, Yonks Ago

 Tan Leather Satchel: Topshop £25 Sale, last year

Studded Worker Boots: Allsaints £50 Sale Last Season


Friday, 22 October 2010

What Milly Wore: Friday Feelin'

Hey Laundere-ettes!
Today I finally remembered to take a picture of my outfit!
I wore:
Intarsia Knit Coat: £85 Topshop (last year)
Bird Print Sheer Blouse: £15 River Island Sale

Long Black Top (worn underneath): Topshop
Black Ski Pant Leggings: Topshop
Padded Puffa Bag: ASOS sale £15

Shearling Biker Boots: £75 River Island
Cream Long Socks: New Look

Skull Necklace: Mawi

Hope you all have a good weekend!


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

10... I Mean ...11 more blogs not to miss!

Hi guys,
I thought I would share with you some more of my favourite blogs and bloggers!

A lovely beauty blog, with the occasional outfit post,
I love to see what's new with smiley Nicola,
her posts really brighten my day!

Andy from Style Scrapbook
Now this blog is super popular and very polished
however, I still can't keep myself away,
I'm normally all for supporting the little guys,
but Andys style is so effortless
Its no wonder she's in demand!

Kylie from Nice & Shiny
This girl has that amazing look what I threw on style,
her bold fashion choices give her that much envied quirky look
I can spend hours getting ready and still not look so rock and roll!

Victoria from VIPXO
I just love Victoria's outfit posts,
and her top picks from high street and high end!
She's doing a fashion degree and you can certainly tell!
Her blog is well worth a read!

Laura from Wearing It Today
Oh my,
Laura is just so effortlessly Chic,
she looks so polished and bang on trend in every picture,
If only I could look so good!

Sandra from 5 inch and Up
As well as amazing outfit posts of Sandra herself
This blog is just full of clothing/shoes/bags eye candy!
her blog has a huge following, and you can really tell why!

Llara from Little Scribbler
I only discovered Llara's blog today
but I'm already hooked,
mainly shoe related ( she does work at Schuh ),
she's a relatively new blogger that deserves a tonne more followers!

One of my very fave bloggers
with a great variety of posts!
Amazing style, (she works at topshop)
Fab hair,and a plethora of style tips to share with us all
aren't we lucky!
and she's holding a big GIVEAWAY!
Go look!

Joe from Joe's Blog
Joe is such a sweetheart,
I love her outfit posts,
but her blog is much more than that,
it includes art and photography too!

You may know I'm a fan of pink hair
(I miss mine soo much!)
But I'm an even bigger fan of shoes, and so is Gemma
She almost has as many pairs of shoes as me!
Her blog is sure to give you some footwear inspiration!

Michelle from Kingdom of Style
I love this blog,
it features so many weird and wonderful designers and items
I can spend hours browsing through their old posts!

Phew, that's all
don't really know how I ended up with 11 but oh well!


Friday, 15 October 2010

Lust After: Biker Boots

This week I've been loving Biker Boots
Here are my top picks!

Mid Calf Zip Storm Biker Boots £215 Ash
Short Studded Rem Strap Biker Boots £269 Ash 

Trash Studded Boots £260 Ash

 Black Biker Chain Boot £74.99 River Island
Studded Biker Boot £74.99 River Island
 Black Biker Chain Boot £74.99 River Island

Wish I could afford an ash pair, but I can't
So I've bought the last river island pair!
They can be folded down too to reveal shearling!
Was going to buy the first R I pair 
(same boot but proper black rather than muddy black)
But it sold out really quick online
and I was sad
But today the muddy black pair came online,
and I like that colour even more!
As I have to many plain black boots!

River island make no distinction between the two colours though, which I find odd!

Will you be jumping on the Biker Boot Band Wagon?


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Barry M Giveaway!!! NOTD, and Mac new arrivals!

Hey lovely readers of mine
still major busy in milly land
but I just had to show you this!

First off,
I bought quite a bit from mac this week

I've been super excited about the mac venomous villains collection for ages
 so just couldn't resist when it came out!

I bought:
Nail Varnish: Mean  and Green
Nail Varnish: Bad Fairy
Nail Varnish: Formidable
Magically Cool Liquid Powder: Truth and Light

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo: She Who Dares
as well as
Mac Face & Body Foundation in C1

Now I'm not going to do swatches etc as You've probably seen them all already!
Suffice to say I'm pleased with everything

Also I jumped on the band wagon
and bought Barry Ms Instant Nail Effect Nail Varnish

Now I'm sure you'll have seen this before too
but maybe not this combo?
Here is Barry M Nail Effects applied on top of Mac Villains Mean and Green
Amaze no?

Just one tip for the mac duo chromes,
apply 3 or 4 thin coats
I was pretty disappointed at first, but found with a few thin coats they look really effective

And then whilst having a play today I applied Barry M Nail effects over the top
I love the effect!
Make sure you read the instructions though,
just one quick coat with no overlapping
and then it transforms in front of your eyes!

I love the cracked effect
it looks different on each nail and my hands don't quite match,
but I don't really mind that as it looks like it took ages to do
and it really didn't!

I also applied a clear topcoat after as it dries quite matte,
and then voilĂ  done!

I picked up one for you guys too,
as I know they are becoming a bit elusive


To enter please comment below
I will draw the winner at random on Tuesday the 26th of October
so you only have 2 weeks!

hope you enjoyed this post,
I shall try and remember to take outfit pics soon!


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lust After: Busy Busy Bee!

My my, I've been a busy bee recently!
I've just gone back to uni,
after working full time all summer,

I managed to drag my bum to a Radley show in Bristol
and a Clarks training day in Solihull (both for work)
and then starting back at big school for my 3rd year
all without freaking out

well done me!
I'm genuinely super proud of my self
It would be tonnes easier to stay at home and be a hermit
but I'm not
hurrah for me!

anyway less of the self praise!

I've bought so many nice new things
and worn some really nice outfits
and managed to take a total of 0 pictures
oh well, until I get back into the swing of things 
here are some items I've been lusting after:

Happy Cloud Bag £12.99 Paperchase
Knitted Reindeer Collar £19.99 Zara

Long Skleave Jaquard Poncho £39.99 Zara

Silhouette Single Bedding £24.99 H&M online

Eau De Cologne Single Bedding £24.99 H&M online

(neither of which are available in double, boohoo)

Leopard Creepers £49 Clarks

And something I've actually bought is this little baby:

I wore it today and love it lots!

Navajo Jacket £44.99 River Island

Hope all you lovely readers are well and stress free,
what do you think of any of these bits, love or hate?
anything you're lusting after?