Wednesday, 20 October 2010

10... I Mean ...11 more blogs not to miss!

Hi guys,
I thought I would share with you some more of my favourite blogs and bloggers!

A lovely beauty blog, with the occasional outfit post,
I love to see what's new with smiley Nicola,
her posts really brighten my day!

Andy from Style Scrapbook
Now this blog is super popular and very polished
however, I still can't keep myself away,
I'm normally all for supporting the little guys,
but Andys style is so effortless
Its no wonder she's in demand!

Kylie from Nice & Shiny
This girl has that amazing look what I threw on style,
her bold fashion choices give her that much envied quirky look
I can spend hours getting ready and still not look so rock and roll!

Victoria from VIPXO
I just love Victoria's outfit posts,
and her top picks from high street and high end!
She's doing a fashion degree and you can certainly tell!
Her blog is well worth a read!

Laura from Wearing It Today
Oh my,
Laura is just so effortlessly Chic,
she looks so polished and bang on trend in every picture,
If only I could look so good!

Sandra from 5 inch and Up
As well as amazing outfit posts of Sandra herself
This blog is just full of clothing/shoes/bags eye candy!
her blog has a huge following, and you can really tell why!

Llara from Little Scribbler
I only discovered Llara's blog today
but I'm already hooked,
mainly shoe related ( she does work at Schuh ),
she's a relatively new blogger that deserves a tonne more followers!

One of my very fave bloggers
with a great variety of posts!
Amazing style, (she works at topshop)
Fab hair,and a plethora of style tips to share with us all
aren't we lucky!
and she's holding a big GIVEAWAY!
Go look!

Joe from Joe's Blog
Joe is such a sweetheart,
I love her outfit posts,
but her blog is much more than that,
it includes art and photography too!

You may know I'm a fan of pink hair
(I miss mine soo much!)
But I'm an even bigger fan of shoes, and so is Gemma
She almost has as many pairs of shoes as me!
Her blog is sure to give you some footwear inspiration!

Michelle from Kingdom of Style
I love this blog,
it features so many weird and wonderful designers and items
I can spend hours browsing through their old posts!

Phew, that's all
don't really know how I ended up with 11 but oh well!



  1. Hey honey! Thank you so much for the mention. You're very lovely :)
    I'll deff be checking the other blogs out! xo

  2. thank you for the lovely mention on your list xx

  3. Aw Milly thank you got being so lovely!!! I'm definitely going to spend my evening looking through the other blogs mentioned <3 xxx

  4. That's so sweet of you to feature me! That's probably the nicest blog related thing anyone's ever done!! xxx

  5. OMG.
    Milly, thank you so much.
    I really feel honored because for me YOU ARE FASHION.
    You are one of the first (or the first?) bloggers I followed and I always enjoy your posts. I love your crazy outfits, hairstyles... I didn't post any fashion for so long because I am so damn broke that the last new thing in my wardrobe appeared months ago. So I posted almost all my favourite outfits and I'm looking forward to my next salary to buy me some new stuff for the fall. H&M has some wonderful pieces I would like to buy. My mom bought this colored striped cardigan dress today and the leggings.
    Thank you SO much!

  6. I see all the comments thus far are those of us who made the list, haha! Let me be the next one to do so: thanks for including me, you're so sweet and it looks like I'm in good company! Rad blog you've got here as well


  7. Hi!

    How sweet of you to include me! Thank you so much <3

    take care
    x sandra

  8. Thanks so much for these i am going to check them out! :) Following your blog now as well! :)

  9. Some great new blogs for me to check out! :)


  10. I can't believe it's taken me this long to comment-so sorry! I was actually updating my blog roll today and added yours and remembered this very sweet post. Can't believe you mentioned me alongside these other fab blogs! Thank you x