Friday, 23 September 2011

Lust After: Bold Biker Boots

Hi Guys, It's that time of year again
when I start to obsess over boots,
yummy leather good quality boots
generally studded, and most of the time black
here are the best styles I've found this year: 

These are pretty much the Ultimate biker book,
I wrote about them last year and I still wan't them 
I cant pay that much for one item though!
Available in different finishes (Brown / black leather, gold / silver studs)
If you can afford it, go for it
they will last you an age!

I don't remember seeing this style from Ash last year
but they are gorgeous!
The star studs are just fab 
and I love the vintage feel of them
(they come in tan or black too)

Similarly this style from Ash appears to be new
and I like it because it's a little less punky and chunky
and a bit more feminine and fashioney!

The boots are gorgeous!
I found these by Kurt Geiger, and although still expensive
they are quite a lot cheaper than the ones from Ash
I chose these because they are unique and different
I'm sure you wont find a similar pair anywhere else.
They are also a lot less harsh,
and would go really well with quilted and wax jackets 
for a more countryside feel.

These boots from ASOS are a pretty good price
Black studs on Black suede with a zip detail down the middle
very fetishy!

I really like the different colours and finished of the studs on these
especially the rose gold!
These come in this lovely distressed Brown and an equally stunning Black

These are great if you're after a plain versatile black biker boot,
these would go with everything, from skinny jeans to leggings and lacey dresses
They are a pretty good price at £70 aswell.

These boots from Carks are a little bit chunkier and more solid
they look very well made and I'm betting from Clarks they would be comfy!
I really like the Faux Fur trim on them as an extra added detail.

I like the serious amount of buckles on these!
 I love how Clarks haven't played it too safe 
and have done something a little different.
At first I though with all the buckles and laces they would be fiddly to get in
but actually there is a simple zip on the inside so they are easily put on!

These are somewhere between a biker boot and a worker / combat / military boot
I love the battered feel they've got
and the fact they are lace-up too.
The more you beat them up the better they would look.!
great to wear casually everyday.

I love these boots and have tried to order them
but I got an email saying they were now out of stock in my size :(
What a bargain though, at £29 it would be stupid not to buy them!
Such good quality leather, and I just love the chain detail.

Last but not least are these Gold beasts!
I couldn't not feature them, they are so bad they are good right :)
I love a bit of tackyness.
In all fairness these do come in your regular black or brown too
but I thought the gold was eyeblindingly amazing!

So that's my round up of this years ultimate Biker boots
hope it was helpful,
let me know if you are thinking of purchasing any boots this year
if so what kind??


Monday, 19 September 2011

Fashion Fix: Tesco Clothing

 Hi guys,
I'm sure you've all noticed the change in weather recently
and for me this has prompted much drooling over autumn winter clothes
This year I'm on a strict budget (well I shouldn't be spending anything really)
So I've been looking for some bargains,
and I've found loads that I would love to buy
(O.K so I HAVE bought some of them)
Clothing at Tesco (Florence and Fred)
Seriously some of their stuff is really good
I've really been surprised at how great everything is!
(and before anyone ask this is NOT a sponsored post!)


I love these two cardigans,
a great Navajo print, at a really good price
they could easily pass for ASOS!

Similarly these two knitted Navajo skirts are gorgeous
they'd look great teamed with black legggings
brown boots and a snuggley cape

Wow they're really on the Navajo bandwagon aren't they!
Well all the better for us!
I like the really bold pattern on these two jumpers :)


I bought this great fringed knitted waistcoat
last week, and it's amazing!
You'd never guess it was from Tesco, it feels good quality
and best of all it looks really good on!


At £40 this poncho was overpriced
but at 50% off it's a much better deal!
The fairisle print is great
and I bet it's really warm


This is another item I actually bought!
I love a graphic print and this is no exception
it's really flattering on and is really comfy.


This knitted holey dress is really designer looking
it reminds me of Mark Fast's knitted and crocheted designs
and at £13.50 it's a steal!


I'm partial to anything with skulls on (in case you haven't noticed)
and these leggings are no exception
Skull print leggings..... what could be better?

These waxy leather look biker boots come in black and brown
I bought them in black and they are so so comfy
they also look a lot more expensive than they were!
Great for walking or mucking about in as it doesn't matter if they get trashed!

This leopard print dress is very 60's looking
I bought this, and can see myself wearing it alot this autumn
I bought this too, eep save me from myself
but seriously I've wanted a leopard print pencil skirt for ages
it's very pin-up style, can be dressed up or down
and at £6 it'd be rude to say no!

Brand new in are these two star print items
Very Chanel S/S 08 and Dolce & Gabanna A/W 11
I resisted as they are full price
but I'll keep an eye out for them when the sales start!

Wow that ended up a long post
and it took me a good few hours to do so I hope you guys like it :)

Lastly for £10 off your tesco Clothing order of £40 or more
use the Code AW-LFW when you check out (valid until 2nd October)
Plus Free Delivery when you spend £50 (after any discounts)
What trends will you be wearing this A/W
have any shops suprised you with what they have in store?


Sunday, 11 September 2011

What Milly Wore: Topshop Tea Dress

Hi Guys,
Here is what I wore a few days ago :)

Black Cardigan: Topshop
Quite thin, very versatile, goes with anything!

Polka Dot Brown Tea Dress: Topshop (via the charity shop) £4.50
I spied this dress in the charity shop I volunteer in
and before I looked at the labels I thought it was topshop!
well it was, and I bought it, 
Its a little on the small side in the boob department as its a 12
but I love it none the less.

Fairest of Them All Necklace: Disney Couture (gift from the boy a few years ago)
One of my fave necklaces,
very easy to wear, and has sentimental value
I got it for valentines day at least 3 or 4 years ago :)

Black Leggings: Primark £3
Seriously the best leggings ever
very high waisted and never fall down
I've been back and bought 2 more pairs since!

Tan Loafers: Office £50 ish
I wear these all the time, literally my go to shoes,
kinda expensive but so comfy and good quality leather

Leopard Print Bag: River Island (sale last year) £15
I love this bag,
I always feel a bit posh when I'm carrying it
I don't know why, it just looks expensive even though it wasn't

Lipstick: Either Mac Neon Orange, or Mac Morange
I wear them both regularly and they pretty much look the same!

What's your best charity shop bargain??


Friday, 2 September 2011

Fashion Fix: Awesome Aztec & Nice Navajo

 I was a huge fan of the Aztec & Navajo prints
that were around last A/W, 
but I love the ones this year even more
Here is my guide to the best items I've found:

Aztec Pattern Coat £100 ASOS
Not cheap, but I love the style of it, and it would be lovely and warm
maybe wait for a money off code?

£236 reduced from £592 ASOS
OK so this is a serious investment piece
But if you can afford it go for it, it will last you a lifetime

This is very similar to a leopard print one I bought from topshop last year,
the fleecey lining in the hood is to die for!
I like that the pattern in a little more subdued on this one.

This coat is a bit more unique than the others which I really like,
The colour combination and the fur around the hood make it a bit different

Navajo Blanket Duffle Coat £125 Urban Outfitters
This is probably my favourite out of the bunch,
The prefect combination of navajo, duffle, parka and blanket!

Red & Grey Aztec Print Cape £40 River Island
I bought two aztec capes from Topshop last year
and they are amazing, It's like walking round in a blanket,
very comfy, fashion forward and flattering
especially with a belt!

Woven Aztec Satchel £45 Urban Outfitters
This is a great way to add colour to a plain outfit
I just wish the handles were real leather

I actually found this in the men's section!
don't be afraid stray from women's items when looking for accessories
nobody would ever know!

Printed Leggings £20 Topshop
As you may know I'm not adverse to some funky leggings in my life
And these printed ones from Topshop are great to wear with a baggy t-shirt
and some high-tops, channelling the 80's vibe :)

Grey Aztec Print Leggings £22 River Island
If you fancy something a bit more subtle
this pair in neutral tones are great!

I love these,
they could be really smartened up for a night out with a black vest top,
a pair of heels and a clutch bag!

BDG Printed Rib Knit Leggings £24 Urban Outfitters

These look fab,
great as pyjama bottoms or just lounging round the house
these long john style leggings look so comfy

Thats everything folks,
Please let me know what you think of this kind of post,
as I'm forever finding great items to buy, and cant afford
so I might as well share them with you guys right? :)


Thursday, 1 September 2011

What Milly Wore: Wonder Woman


Here is an outfit that a wore last week, whilst trying to dress a bit more self-confidantly :)
I Wore:

Navy Cardigan: Topshop
bought last year, definitely a staple of my wardrobe

Stars & Stripes American Flag Body: ASOS 
Love this, it was in the sale a month or so ago, I think its gone now
Wonder Woman Style Leather Belt: Vintage £4 ish
I bought this belt at least 4 years ago, I just couldnt resist,
Its lovely real leather
but unfortunately now its a little on the small side

American Flag Shorts: Topshop
You've seen me wear them before on the blog, just really easy to wear
they weren't cheap, but I think they were worth it!

Leggings: Primark £3
Seriously THE best leggings I have even bought,
they come up really high on the waist which I love, 
no rolling or falling down all the time
I'm deffo going back for another pair!
White Studded Pumps: River Island £5
I got these in pink and in white last year,
just as an add on to an online order as they were so cheap
I'd never actually worn them before (no idea why)
But I've had a sore foot and with socks they've been the comfiest shoes I own!

Lipstick: Mac Wonder Woman Collection 'Russian Red'
It had to be done :)

What do you guys think?
I know It's a little out there,
but I'm trying to make an effort to not care what passers by think,
about my fashion sense, or the fact I'm not a skinny minnie!