Thursday, 1 September 2011

What Milly Wore: Wonder Woman


Here is an outfit that a wore last week, whilst trying to dress a bit more self-confidantly :)
I Wore:

Navy Cardigan: Topshop
bought last year, definitely a staple of my wardrobe

Stars & Stripes American Flag Body: ASOS 
Love this, it was in the sale a month or so ago, I think its gone now
Wonder Woman Style Leather Belt: Vintage £4 ish
I bought this belt at least 4 years ago, I just couldnt resist,
Its lovely real leather
but unfortunately now its a little on the small side

American Flag Shorts: Topshop
You've seen me wear them before on the blog, just really easy to wear
they weren't cheap, but I think they were worth it!

Leggings: Primark £3
Seriously THE best leggings I have even bought,
they come up really high on the waist which I love, 
no rolling or falling down all the time
I'm deffo going back for another pair!
White Studded Pumps: River Island £5
I got these in pink and in white last year,
just as an add on to an online order as they were so cheap
I'd never actually worn them before (no idea why)
But I've had a sore foot and with socks they've been the comfiest shoes I own!

Lipstick: Mac Wonder Woman Collection 'Russian Red'
It had to be done :)

What do you guys think?
I know It's a little out there,
but I'm trying to make an effort to not care what passers by think,
about my fashion sense, or the fact I'm not a skinny minnie!


  1. Oooh i have the same old navy cardigan as you! Definitely a staple piece, i'm forever wearing mine as a cover up (:! Love your whole wonder woman look! Your waist looks TINY!


  2. I think you look fabulous! I LOVE the belt :)

  3. Just looked through all the things you've put on this post and I realised how much I miss your sense of style. Your blog looks beaut as well! (YAY COMMENTS) xx

  4. You look awesome, that belt is great! Who gives f**k about other people (I do really) but carry on with that great style! x

  5. This is great, love the belt ^.^

  6. Amazing outfit! I wish I could pull off an outfit like this as well as you do. xx