Friday, 25 December 2009

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hello everyone!
It's Christmas as if you didn't know!
I've had such a great day
some wonder full presents,
and the yummiest meal ever!

thought I would post you a what I wore for Christmas day!

How amazing is my new scarf!!??!!
I luff it, a lot
I got it for Christmas off my sister,
its exactly what I have been looking for
Grey and REALLY chunky and textured,
Its handmade by a lady called Julia Marsh!
My sister told her what I was after,
and poof, she custom made it,
and apparently she was super nice and helpful too
Here is her blog: Hand Knitted Things

Other than my scarf, I also Wore:
Leopard Fur coat: Topshop (this time last year)
Black patent flight bag: Angel Jackson
Studded and Gemmed ankle boots: Russell & Bromley
(yes they arrived and I LOVE them, expensive but worth it)
and my trusty stirrup leggings

Here's a closeup of my boots
have I mentioned that I LOVE them?
I'm going to try and really use them loads
to get my wear out of them

When I wasn't going outside I wore:

Knitted lurex Dress: H&M (£24.99 this season)
Black long line ruched cardigan: Topshop
Record Earrings: Tatty Devine
(the boy got them for me for my birthday arn't they lush, very me!)
Doe Necklace: Untamed Menagerie @ Etsy

Here is the best close-up I could get of my dress,
to show how spangly it is!

anyway guys,
hope you had an AMAZING day

what kinda looks did you go for?

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Lust After / Fashion Fix: Wildfox Couture's Spring and Summer Collections

Oh Em Gee

I'm sooo excited,
I have just discovered what is to soon be coming out from Wildfox Couture,
I've been a fan for quite a while, one of my first posts was about their t-shirts!
But seriously, these next collections are immense
I can feel the money leaving my bank account already!

for Spring there's
'Young Guns'
which I cannot wait for, especially the skullidge!

and for the summer
just wow

so yeah, almost wetting myself with anticipation,

their photography, concepts and styling are always really well thought out
really creative, and stunningly turned out!

and just to wet your appatite a bit more, heres a video for the spring collection

Wildfox Couture Spring 2010 from Wildfox Couture on Vimeo.


Sunday, 20 December 2009

No time to say hello, goodbye!

I have a ridiculous amount of uni work to do!
Above is a little bit of what I've been up to.

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lust After: Crazy Horse & Christopher Kane


This is what I'd love to wear with the soon to be mine Crazy Horse boots from Russell & Bromley


cant wait


Saturday, 12 December 2009

New Arrival: Leopard Print Puffa, and Bling for my Boots

Now before you think I've turned into an extra off Eastenders hear me out!
My name is Milly, and I bought a Leopard Print Puffa Jacket.
I'm not proud of myself
but I couldn't resist!
It was half price in H&M for £15
I love leopard print, and I know its chavvy,
But its so horrible and tacky, that its gorgeous!

Also Ive been after a pair of boots with a chain on for ages,
Like the ones above from Kurt Geiger,
But I don't really need another pair of boots like those

I also liked these ones again with the chain,
But I had some pretty similar

But I solved my dilemma
With some boot 'riders',
courtesy of 2Bandits!

I don't know, why somebody in the U.K hasn't come up with these
such a simple but clever idea

£34.99 River Island (this Season)

They are a leather strap with chains and a buckle,
to put round any boots of your choice!
They cost $70 for a pair (about £40)
not cheap, but well worth it

They literally transform any boot you put them on
they come in a variety of leather colours and chain colours,
to mach what you already own

£75 Office ( This Season)

I'd been looking for some sort of boot cuff or strap
just to add to my collection of boots,
but I couldn't find any anywhere at all

£80 reduced to £20 Topshop (last Year)

Then I came across
really cute designs,
and I cant find anything like them by anybody else

£80 ASOS (This Season)

As you can see they fit, an look great on all of my boots
I literally want to wear them every day
and they go really well with my religion leather jacket

£25 Topshop (from eBay)

I am seriously so chuffed to bits with them,
I'm thinking about getting another pair in black and silver.

Talking of boots, I'm getting these for Christmas
(they are reduced to £195 and my mum and I are paying half each)
Seriously so excited, they are my dream boots!
Ive ordered them into the shop to try next week
I really hope they fit, or I might cry!



Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Arrival: Skellington / Skull Jumper!

I got a new jumper!
It's from the boys bit at H&M
I loves it Muchly

It made me take pictures like the one above,
I just couldnt help myself
I might use then for uni work though

Bone Hairclip: Creepsville 666
Skull Necklace: Jessica Kagan Cushman @ Spoiled Brat £100 reduced from £150
Skellington Jumper: £9.99 H&M Kids age 14!


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

What Milly Wore: Cold yet Productive Day

I've managed to get loads done today,
well done me
*pats self on back*

This is what I wore:

Studded Leather Jacket: Religion @ ASOS £175 (sale)
Fairisle Mittens/Wrist Warmers: Maniyak @ ASOS £9.50 (sale)
Blanket Wrap Cardigan: ASOS £40 ( it arrived and I loved it, soo versatile)
Jeggins: New Look
Black Suede Fuzzy Lined Boots: Office

Underneath I wore:
Stag Print T-shirt Dress: Orion @ASOS £24 (sale)

Black Leather Bag: Tabitha (from TKMaxx) £49!! bought with birthday money

Guess who has a bag very similar to mine:

Fearne Cottons bag is also by Tabitha
with the same tabbed pattern but with a more patent finish
and different handles
The stardust Bag a la Fearne is £250

also, fab new arrival today,
which If you look closely I am wearing in the photo
But i want to do one big post on it, so you shall have to wait!


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Millys Hair Through The Ages

So, just for a bit of fun, Ive decided to show you all the pictures of my hair since when I was about 14
Above is the oldest picture I can find
in the purple square I have a brown bob with no fringe, pretty standard
and in the blue square, is where I did work experience at a hairdressers and they set it in curlers for a laugh!
I actually loved having that hair for a day, as in general I can do nothing with it!

Don't ask what I was doing in the green square,
I was a weird teenager!!

Here Is the first time I'd Properly dyed my hair,
I have always used semi permanents and toners to make my hair kinda reddy,
but here I used a black/blue permanent dye.

Here I'd just had my hair cut quite short, I was going through a punky kind of thing
I had also discovered make-up a bit more,
I tried making my hair into a fauxhawk, and actually loved it so started doing it regularly

Here I am aged about 16 (with my gay best friend)
I had just finished High school, so took that as a cue, to dye my hair crazy
I actually loved having pink hair,
but my boss wasn't as keen so It didn't stay for too long

I managed to keep it long enough for my prom though!
I had flicked it out using straighteners

Here I was trying to get back to having normal hair for work
but with a blonde streak just because I couldn't resist

I then decided to venture into being blonde,
I loooved having blonde hair
again, cut shorter for a fauxhawk

Here I tried a fauxhawk... with a fringe
I quite liked it,
but if I didn't wear makeup around this time I did get mistaken for a boy

Next I got a bit obsessed with how blonde it was
I made it go proper platinum white blonde
which I totally loved and my work didn't mind either
(also look how skinny I am here!! it didn't last for long)

Now I'd grown my hair out a bit more, I tried out a quiff
I think it suits my,
but I only ever wear it if my forehead isn't spotty
which is not very often

This is my favourite hair of all time,
I love it,
It was VERY white blonde,
With a really blunt fringe,
unfortunately by now my hair was all damaged from over bleaching

To try and combat the damage,
I had my hair cut short again,
which I liked, it was summer so i felt quite summery with it
again, did look like a boy if not wearing a dress or make-up

by now i had totally given up on using bleach,
they changed the ingredients in my regular brand, which hurt my head
and also damaged my hair more than before
and I couldn't find another brand that went blonde enough
so I stuck a purple on top of it
and it seems my work, had become more relaxed about hair
probably because by now I'd been there for 4 years

I stuck with the purple for a while
but started to get bored again
especially with the fringe

This is my most recent picture
Ive been growing it, and had it cut asymmetrical,
trying to grow my fringe into a swoop down one side
and keep the side with the fringe long
and the other side kinda short
I bought an orange/red highlighting kit and put it all over instead
It came out really bright and I love it,
right now its kinda redder,
as I use a semi permanent bright dye every time I wash to add more colour

well wasn't that fun!

I would love to hear some comments,
or any hair disasters you've had??


Friday, 4 December 2009

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Ok so I'm not trying to be whingey
but I REALLLY want more followers,
or more to the point, I don't really understand why I dont have that many followers!

and I know I'm biased,
but I think my blog is quite good,
and there are loads of blogs out there that I think are kinda lame,
but have a bajillion more followers than me

So instead of being a moaning Mildred,

I'm going to ask:

Is there something I'm doing wrong??
and what can I do to improve??

Any feedback will be muchly appreciated!

oh and to make this post more exciting
here's some pictures I took a couple of years ago!

also Ive come up with a great post for next week, Milly's hair through the ages!


Thursday, 3 December 2009

What Milly Wore: to go to Argos

evenin' all

Well today was a bit weird, totally overslept and missed my lecture
but to make up for it I did some work, more on that later!

Well it was chilly outside this evening,
and I needed to walk to Argos to get a new tripod!

Here is what I wore:
Panda Hat: River Island
Studded Leather Jacket: Religion (trying to wear it as much as possible)
Marc Jacobs Style Bag: Market Stall
Bleached Jeans: River Island
Purple Boots: Red or Dead
Hand Warmers: New look ( a couple of years ago £1 )
Mohair Eternity Scarf: Juuls (as worn by Mary-Kate Olsen! expensive but lovely)

Underneath I Wore:
My favourite Grey Cardigan: American apparel (unisex)
Two Tone Bodycon Dress: American Apparel

And here is the lovely Mary-Kate wearing my scarf!
this pic is a good few years old but I think its my favourite of her!

and here is the work I was talking about earlier!
Here is my first Panorama!
Its only test shots, to see if i could do it, and it worked!
Quite chuffed with myself
Just finished moving rooms and got a new bed yesterday so thought I would show you guys my room!
Its not sorted/tidy, but all the furniture is in the right place now!

I love the above cardigan,
I was soooo close to ordering it, I saw a girl wearing it the other day
it looked so good,
I was having a snoop around to see if I could find it or similar,
and this is the exact one
£75 Monsoon

I ordered this one instead
I actually like the other one more,
But this one was £40 ASOS
much cheaper, and also I think the sleeves are better
why put short sleeves on a cardigan??

and I have totally and utterly failed on my not spending money on anything over £20 pounds
I was doing so well
but today Ive put in 3 orders , probably spent £200
oh deario
I'm going to have no money

So my punishment from the boy
is to not buy ANYTHING for a week,
starting tomorrow

: (