Saturday, 12 December 2009

New Arrival: Leopard Print Puffa, and Bling for my Boots

Now before you think I've turned into an extra off Eastenders hear me out!
My name is Milly, and I bought a Leopard Print Puffa Jacket.
I'm not proud of myself
but I couldn't resist!
It was half price in H&M for £15
I love leopard print, and I know its chavvy,
But its so horrible and tacky, that its gorgeous!

Also Ive been after a pair of boots with a chain on for ages,
Like the ones above from Kurt Geiger,
But I don't really need another pair of boots like those

I also liked these ones again with the chain,
But I had some pretty similar

But I solved my dilemma
With some boot 'riders',
courtesy of 2Bandits!

I don't know, why somebody in the U.K hasn't come up with these
such a simple but clever idea

£34.99 River Island (this Season)

They are a leather strap with chains and a buckle,
to put round any boots of your choice!
They cost $70 for a pair (about £40)
not cheap, but well worth it

They literally transform any boot you put them on
they come in a variety of leather colours and chain colours,
to mach what you already own

£75 Office ( This Season)

I'd been looking for some sort of boot cuff or strap
just to add to my collection of boots,
but I couldn't find any anywhere at all

£80 reduced to £20 Topshop (last Year)

Then I came across
really cute designs,
and I cant find anything like them by anybody else

£80 ASOS (This Season)

As you can see they fit, an look great on all of my boots
I literally want to wear them every day
and they go really well with my religion leather jacket

£25 Topshop (from eBay)

I am seriously so chuffed to bits with them,
I'm thinking about getting another pair in black and silver.

Talking of boots, I'm getting these for Christmas
(they are reduced to £195 and my mum and I are paying half each)
Seriously so excited, they are my dream boots!
Ive ordered them into the shop to try next week
I really hope they fit, or I might cry!



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