Friday, 4 December 2009

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Ok so I'm not trying to be whingey
but I REALLLY want more followers,
or more to the point, I don't really understand why I dont have that many followers!

and I know I'm biased,
but I think my blog is quite good,
and there are loads of blogs out there that I think are kinda lame,
but have a bajillion more followers than me

So instead of being a moaning Mildred,

I'm going to ask:

Is there something I'm doing wrong??
and what can I do to improve??

Any feedback will be muchly appreciated!

oh and to make this post more exciting
here's some pictures I took a couple of years ago!

also Ive come up with a great post for next week, Milly's hair through the ages!



  1. Its a tough on - I agree, your blog is great, and something a little different too.. I have trouble attracting new followers too, but just wanted to say, Kepp going, I'm sure it will come for you xxx

  2. Hey Milly a great way of getting followers is going around on other peoples blogs, like popular ones and leaving comments, or your blog address! you'll soon get there! blog give aways are a good way too! you don't have to give away anything big deal just lil bits and bobs :) you know what i mean?

    Love Sid x

  3. oh and i forgot to say if you want to see how much traffic your getting add google analytics!!!


  4. aww thanks for the help and belief in me guys!

    I shall deffo keep on trying

    night night

    ooh and sid, Ive used google analytics from the begining, but ive got nothing to compare it too so i dont know if the amount of views i get is amazing, average or poor!

  5. I think your blog is quite good too! I've been lurking for a while but have been too shy to comment, i'm sure there are loads of people like me.

    Happy belated birthday

  6. Colour me Yellow8 December 2009 at 12:35

    I follow you!
    I have a similar style to you and I love it how you have all the details of the stuff your wearing!

    Will keep on checking ur blog :)

  7. hi colour me yellow

    aww thats for the ego boost,
    Im glad you like it!

    I shall keep plodding along i guess!


  8. don't feel bad - i only have about 17 followers! I still have a good amount of daily readers though (get a stats counter for your blog! its dead useful). don't feel like you have to post every day to get followers, either - its about quality, not quantity!

    xx Puffaloo