Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

Hi all,
It's blimmin freezing recently isn't it!
Lucky for me I was kindly sent this awesome onesie by the people at OnePiece :)

and they have also been lovely enough to give me a 20% discount code for you all to use 
should you want to purchase your own onesie from their website, isn't that nice eh!

Here I am in my Maruis OnePiece!
it usually retails at £159, which although is rather expensive I admit
its seriously the most comfy, warm thing I have ever worn.

 I never ever want to take it off!
I would wear it to work if I could.

A note on size, I'm 5ft2 and a size 14 and I bought a medium.
They are unisex and meant to be baggy fitting.
The medium I bought is actually meant to be able to fit  5ft9-6ft1
 However I really didn't want it to be tight as I am not a skinny minnie,
So it is a bit long, but I'd rather that than not be able to fit round my bum.
Out of interest my stocky normally M-L 6ft boyfriend tried it on and it was the perfect length 
but a tiny bit tight so he would probably get a large.

 They do all kinds of styles, and are a great christmas present!
They  are amazing quality and knock spots off all other brands of onesie.

So if you fancy one for yourself or to give as a gift
Use the exclusive discount/voucher code 31FASHIONLAUNDERETTE3 
for 20% off OnePiece until Dec 25th

See you soon :)