Monday, 27 December 2010

Lust After: Crepe Wedge Ankle Boots

So it seems I am a onto the band wagon jumperer kind of person
I have jumped on the band wagon
I want a Crepe Wedge Boot
I'm only about a year late
I would die for the Topshop unique ones

Cheap Sythetic Style on ebay £20 ish

Topshop Unique over a year ago

House of Fraiser £50 ish

Emma Cook for Topshop a year ago

America Vintage @ KG reduced to £19 but my size is sold out :(

Emma Cook for Topshop a year ago

Cheap Sythetic Style from ebay £15 ish

Clarks £99

In the end I plumped for the pair below,
I was tempted by the cheapy ebay ones
 but I thought for an extra tenner I may as well get some decent leather ones
and we all know I love Clarks shoes!
I'm just hoping they are more burgundy red than purple 
so they are not too similar to my Clarks heels I wore to my Christmas do
If only they were tan!

Clarks Originals Old Stock (Ruby Tuesday), now on ebay for £29.99


Sunday, 26 December 2010

What Milly Wore: It's Christmas RAWR

I had a lovely day yesterday,
and I hope you all did too!
I was feeling rather festive
so felt it appropriate to dress up as a leopard
and It kept me mighty warm thank you!

Here is What I wore:

Leopard Hood: Birthday Gift from my Bestie! by Merrimaking
Leopard Paw Gloves: Christmas Gift from my Bestie! By Bear Hands
Cobweb Scarf: Topshop last year
Black Patent Leather Jaguar Bag: Angel Jackson £180 
(bought in the sale for my birthday last year)

Leopard Faux Fur Coat: Topshop last christmas £99
Brown Leather Boots: £74.99 River Island

Am also wearing this dress underneath

but you cant see it!
and I forgot to take a piccy... OOPs!

Its £49 by Trollied Dolly


What Milly Wore: Before the Snow Storm

Hello launderettes!
Hope your all having a lovely Christmas hollibobs, even if your only off work for a day or so!

I was just making a Christmas what Milly wore
(coming up on my next post)
and found this pictures from just a couple of days before the snow happened 
so thought I would share this outfit first!

Fur Trapper Hat: £16.99 Mens Section of River Island
( modified by taking off the pompom and labels, and wearing it inside out!)
Denim Dress: New Look (Very old, was in the sale, for a tenner ish)
Intarsia waterfall jacket: River Island £40 ish

Reindeer Fairisle Leggings: £24.99 River Island ( now in the sale BOO)

Tan Leather Pouch Bag: Vintage Coach! £30 etsy

 Brown leather boots: £74.99 River Island
Bought to replace my grey ones the same style that were faulty!


Friday, 17 December 2010

What Milly Wore: Christmas Do!

Good evening readers!
I'm starting to feel all jolly and christmassy!

Here Is what I wore to my works Christmas do!
It was actually 2 weeks ago now (early I know)
But I had forgotten that I'd managed to coheres my mum into taking my picture!

I Wore:
Velvet Smock Dress - £40 ASOS (now reduced to 28 booo)
Leopard faux Fur Coat: £99 Topshop two seasons ago
Black Leggings: Topshop (old)
Two Tone Sequin Bag: £145 Russell & Bromley 
(eek a lot I know but I loved all the designer ones that are silver one way and black the other this was the next best thing! I couldn't find a cheap one that didnt look....erm cheap! )
Aubergine Lace Up Shoe Boots: £69.99 Clarks

Here is a better pic of the shoes:

I LOVE them!
I can't normally walk in all!
so I don't buy any!
I fell in love with these so had to buy them and they are very comfy and easy to walk in!

I originally wanted this velvet dress from ASOS:
Its also from ASOS but by TBA
I just love how it looks
Unfortunately its £150 (now £105)
So I got the other one as a copycat!

Have you had/got any Christmas events to go to
what are you going to wear?


Monday, 13 December 2010

What Milly Wore: Urban Turban

Hello readers new and old!
its lovely of you to stop by!

I just want to say thanks for reading my blog
I'm having a some blogging issues at the moment,

I am amazing at procrastinating
Its a special talent of mine
meaning I never get anything useful done!

Being in my third year of uni is so hard,
who'd have thunk you would have to do so much work eh!

As well as not having a lot of time, procrastinating a lot, doing uni work and having a part time job

I'm also feeling a little...... unpopular :s
I dunno I know numbers aren't everything, and I know I'm not posting frequently at all
But I'm just feeling a little of the green eyed monster creep in that's all!

How do these tiny size 6, 16 year olds post so much
and look so good
 and get so many followers!

Oh well!

This is me blogging world:
a pale, pink haired, size 14, stress-ball, short-arse, just turned 22 year old with a weird sense of style
who posts infrequently
forgets to wear make-up in most pictures,
and spends forever trying to look good,
but often finds that her best outfits are from she only has 10 minutes to get out the door!

Rant over,
Here's an outfit!

Here is what I wore Yesterday:

Knitted Turban: £9.99 TKMAXX (I love it, its my new fave hat!)
Leopard Print LV-a-Like Scarf: Ebay
Studded Leather Jacket: £175 Religion (on sale last season) ASOS
Nude Padlock Handbag: Marks and Spencers £35 is last season

Hello Hitty Oversized T-shirt: H&M £10 ish (this season)
Polka Dot Skinny Jeans: ASOS sale £15 ish

Aztec Cardigan: Motel £30 Sale (last Season)
Suede Studded Boots: AllSaints £50 Sale


Friday, 26 November 2010

What Milly Wore: Lovely Leather

 So I finally got my bum into gear and took another outfit picture!

This is an outfit from earlier this week
I Wore:
Black Cobweb Scarf: Topshop
Grey Leather Jacket: MuuBaa 
(from the asos sale a couple of years ago, but its lasting amazingly well)
Metallic Silver Bag: Topshop ( faux leather, bought at least 2 years ago)

Jersey Military Jacket: H&M (last season)
Plain Black T-shirt: New Look
Petrol Blue Ruched Pencil Skirt: River Island Sale (this season £8)
Grey leggings: French Connection
An these fab bargainous leather boots
By Kurt Geiger, from TKMAXX for £24.99
when they were  over £100 from KG last winter!

As you can see I'm loving leather as always,
and I'm feeling a bit gothicy!

Here are some things I've been lusting after:

I found this amazing skull bag on Selfridges website!
Its by Natalia Brilli
and its a hefty £670
but oh so fabulous!

I also love this candle from selfridges
by D.L & Co.
for £73

or this wee set of candles laso by D.L & Co.
for £63


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Lust After: Dream Bag

Oh my,
today I found my dream bag from

Its £120,
and real lovely soft leather!

and I think I like it even more knowing not many other people will have it!
I want it bad!


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lust After: Birthday Wishlist

Dear people who want to to buy me presents
for my upcoming 22nd Birthday at the end of this month
you still have time to order!
*cough* Boyfy, Bestie, Sister, Mother Etc *Cough*

Please Can I have these
or anything from any of these sites
or anything similar
(and probably not so expensive)

 ASOS Premium Leather Leopard Satchel £120
Silver Sideways Cross Necklace £26 by Classic Designs on Etsy 

Sabre Tooth Necklace £45 Galibardy

Rococo Mirror £19 Cloudberry Living

Spirit Hood $126

or failing a spirit hood
How about a Custom Made Animal Hood for £30!!!
Handmade in the U.K by

Peter Pan Collar Dress £35

Antler Necklace £30

Last but not Least
Owain Leather Jacket £395
Each is made with a sifferent piece of vintage fabric on the back!
as soon as there is any money off it
I'm buying it!

A good guide is
if its got Skulls, Antlers, Deers, Leather, Faux Fur, Leopard Print,
Studs, Silver, Gold, Typography, Illustrations, Texture
Glitter, Tackyness, Metallics, Kitschness, or a Vintage Feel

I will Love It!


Friday, 5 November 2010

Lust After: Spirit Hoods!

I need a Spirit Hood in my life

Oh my,
When I saw these I almost died
Somebody buy me one...

These are my Faves but there are plenty more designs
They do sell some of them in the U.K at Spoiled Brat but for £125
which for me is a bit steep considering the U.S price :(

The only alternatives I have found are these

All from River Island around £19.99

But they are so lame compared!
and I know if I get a river island one
I will still want a proper Spirit Hood!

I will have to keep looking around for a real one at a better price!

Its nice to be back blogging
after a week with no internet!

What do you guys think of Spirit Hoods??
Yay or Nay??


Monday, 25 October 2010

What Milly Wore: Layers upon layers

It's well chilly
Here is what I wore today:

Aviator Jacket: Zara £39.99
White Lace Dress: Pussycat London £6.00, Sale House of Fraiser

Khaki Blazer: River Island £12 Sale This Season
Skinny Jeans: New Look Sale, Yonks Ago

 Ear Muffs: Mark One, Yonks Ago

 Tan Leather Satchel: Topshop £25 Sale, last year

Studded Worker Boots: Allsaints £50 Sale Last Season