Monday, 13 December 2010

What Milly Wore: Urban Turban

Hello readers new and old!
its lovely of you to stop by!

I just want to say thanks for reading my blog
I'm having a some blogging issues at the moment,

I am amazing at procrastinating
Its a special talent of mine
meaning I never get anything useful done!

Being in my third year of uni is so hard,
who'd have thunk you would have to do so much work eh!

As well as not having a lot of time, procrastinating a lot, doing uni work and having a part time job

I'm also feeling a little...... unpopular :s
I dunno I know numbers aren't everything, and I know I'm not posting frequently at all
But I'm just feeling a little of the green eyed monster creep in that's all!

How do these tiny size 6, 16 year olds post so much
and look so good
 and get so many followers!

Oh well!

This is me blogging world:
a pale, pink haired, size 14, stress-ball, short-arse, just turned 22 year old with a weird sense of style
who posts infrequently
forgets to wear make-up in most pictures,
and spends forever trying to look good,
but often finds that her best outfits are from she only has 10 minutes to get out the door!

Rant over,
Here's an outfit!

Here is what I wore Yesterday:

Knitted Turban: £9.99 TKMAXX (I love it, its my new fave hat!)
Leopard Print LV-a-Like Scarf: Ebay
Studded Leather Jacket: £175 Religion (on sale last season) ASOS
Nude Padlock Handbag: Marks and Spencers £35 is last season

Hello Hitty Oversized T-shirt: H&M £10 ish (this season)
Polka Dot Skinny Jeans: ASOS sale £15 ish

Aztec Cardigan: Motel £30 Sale (last Season)
Suede Studded Boots: AllSaints £50 Sale



  1. I find the same thing with followers, it's an inevitable but sad fact that if you aren't model skinny or 'fatshion' then you tend to be less popular :c you look lovely as per usual though, the polka dot jeans are just too cute! and I will always be a follower c: xx

  2. Don't let numbers get you down, blogging is meant to be fun for you even if you can't do it as often as you'd like. Besides, uni should be your priority at the minute, especially since you're in your final year. Anyway loving the Hello Kitty top and big cardigan. I love being able to wrap up warm at this time of year. I have similar jeans but mine are from Topshop and after buying them I decided they were too sore on my eyes to wear haha but thet are looking fab on you, esp with the leopard scarf. I love a good clash xx

  3. I think this is the questions on everyones lips! & also, at 16- how do they afford the stuff they buy, the makeup & the clothes! I just don't get it. But people will read & take intrest in different things, one person to the next will always be different. Just keep doing what your doing, if your happy, keep blogging, with 1, 100 or 1000 followers just keep being you & posting as you wish.
    I personally don't like HUGE blogs, I prefer 'real' ones, or if they have a big follower base- i like that I've read them & admired them from the start! anyway.... back to the outfit
    I really really want a turban, my friends at work were taking the piss out of me the other day (they really do not understand) it looks great though, and your cardie is amazing too
    Looking lovely xx

  4. i like your blog :) a lot of blogs get a heap of followers because they spend a shitload of time commenting on other people's blogs and promoting themselves. don't blog for followers, blog for yourself :) a few regular readers are better than 600 readers that never contribute!

  5. Lovely aztec print cardigan, and stylish oversized leopard print/LV-ishtique scarf

  6. thanks for the love girlies (and boy ;p)
    glad you get where I'm coming from!
    I'm just going to keep plodding along :)
    thinking about removing my followers thing so people cant see it, not because I'm not proud of how many followers I have, but because I kinda think it just complicates things, I would rather be judged on my content rather than on how many other people like my blog??

    as always THANKS for taking the time to comment!


  7. "How do these tiny size 6, 16 year olds post so much
    and look so good
    and get so many followers"

    Because, uh, the are followed by other size 6 16 year olds who also do nothing else than talk about themselves (and occasionally post on each other's comments "OMGodzors! Ure lik me!!! Read my Blog!!!! www.grammarnotallowed!!!"

    Ok, now I've answered, will you send me everything you own?

    Or I'll settle for all your jackets and jewellery...