Monday, 27 December 2010

Lust After: Crepe Wedge Ankle Boots

So it seems I am a onto the band wagon jumperer kind of person
I have jumped on the band wagon
I want a Crepe Wedge Boot
I'm only about a year late
I would die for the Topshop unique ones

Cheap Sythetic Style on ebay £20 ish

Topshop Unique over a year ago

House of Fraiser £50 ish

Emma Cook for Topshop a year ago

America Vintage @ KG reduced to £19 but my size is sold out :(

Emma Cook for Topshop a year ago

Cheap Sythetic Style from ebay £15 ish

Clarks £99

In the end I plumped for the pair below,
I was tempted by the cheapy ebay ones
 but I thought for an extra tenner I may as well get some decent leather ones
and we all know I love Clarks shoes!
I'm just hoping they are more burgundy red than purple 
so they are not too similar to my Clarks heels I wore to my Christmas do
If only they were tan!

Clarks Originals Old Stock (Ruby Tuesday), now on ebay for £29.99



  1. Ooooh the ones you ordered are absolutely lush!

  2. Those Emma Cook ones are still, and will always be my favorite. o beautiful, and such an amazing shape. I wish i had the money for them. panda xo

  3. These are all really pretty! I've been trying to find myself a pair of shoes like these recently.
    Following - hope u can check out my blog.