Monday, 12 December 2011

What Milly Wore: Leopard & Bambi

Hey guys, here is what I wore earlier this week,
before I came down with some kind of winter cold virus!

Animal / Leopard Jaquard Parka Duffle Coat: Topshop last winter £70
I do not know how I've not worn this on the blog before
It's my go to winter coat, so warm, and the hood is furry on the inside too!

Bambi Jumper: H&M £19.99 New
I bought this bambi jumper last week,
it's just so gosh darn cute!

Lilac / Grey Weave Bodycon mini Skirt: Topshop last year
Great for wearing with leggings,
as I'm not a fan of the forgotten your skirt look that people get with tops and leggings

Black Leggings: Primark

Brown Biker Boots: River Island £74.99 last year
The same ones I was wearing in my last WMW post, but this time rolled up!

What are your favourite pieces this winter?


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lust After: Topshop Sale Wishlist

 Bonsoir ma petite chou-fleurs
I hope your having a lovely wintery weekend :)
I've seen so many things I'd love from topshop at the moment,
so heres a list of everything that I love,
that I will not buy until their sale starts, just in case it goes in!

Gorgeous black and white fair isle print cardigan with a faux fur collar.

Amazing Galaxy / Star print wondrous leggings,
Already sold out :(

I love this American flag onesie, but it's a pity they don't do it in bigger sizes
I love leopard print, topshop, Ashish and bumbags  so all of them in one is ace!

This backpack is also amazing, it's so 90's
Chelsea boots are great but you hardly every find any in navy, so these are fab
I also love them in this burgundy colour too, and the snake print is a bonus
I love my black version of these, but in nude with gold studs they look gorgeous.

This looks incredible but the reviews are not so good!?
I still think it's worth a try though.
These multicoloured glitter oxford shoes look awesome *drools*

Is there anything you're lusting after from Topshop??


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What Milly Wore: Birthday Cape

Hello readers,
I'm trying to get into the swing of posting more regularly again, 
so I thought I would start with a What Milly Wore post!

Today was my Birthday! Hazzzaaahhh I'm now 23 which feels very old!
I'll do a post on the lovely gifts I've been given next week!

Excuse the not so good quality photos, they were taken in the dark :)

I Wore:

Cream Lacey Frilly Dress: Pussycat London Via HOF a couple of years ago £6 ish
I've worn this dress on the blog before last year here, I love the girly feel of it
I also own the same dress in black but don't seem to wear it half as much!

Brown Red Green Aztec Print Blanket Cape: Topshop last winter
I own this in grey too (I'm sensing a theme here!)
I've never worn either of them out of the house before tbh
but with a belt it seems to make them look much more coat like!

Tan Plaited Leather Belt: Next Sale in the summer

Brown Studded Metallic Leather Fringe Pouch Bag: River Island sale last winter
Once again, never been used before
but I'm making an effort to use what I already own!
With this tasselled bag and the cape I started to feel a bit robin hood esque.

Speckled Knitted Brown Patterned Boot Socks: Pringle via TKmaxx £5.99
These socks are amazeballs,
not only are they kinda fairisle patterned 
but they are also multicoloured speckled/ flecked in the wool!

Brown Shearling Biker Boots (rolled down): River Island Last Year £74.99
I own these in brown and black and wear both pairs all the time
stylish practical and comfy!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lust After: Lipstick On Your Collar

I've been seeing a lot of collars around recently
and it's a trend I could really get into
whether its a peter pan collared dress, or a collar style necklace
I just think a collar adds a little class to any outfit!

Here are my top picks:

Studded Acrylic Punk Collar Necklace £17 Regal Rose
 Bug Collar Necklace £40 Topshop
Beaded Sequin Green Collar £18 Miss Selfridge

Leather Peter Pan Collar £15.00 ASOS

Gold Hand Chain Collar Tips £10 ASOS

Spot Peter Pan Dress £29.99 New Look

Faux Fur Lapel Collar £25 ASOS

Hands Holding Stone Collar Necklace £15 ASOS

White Acrylic Mod Collar £15 Regal Rose

Hope you like my selections!
Whice is your favourite, and how would you wear it??


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lust After: Birthday Wishlist

Hey guys,
It's not long untill my 23rd birthday (eeep getting older)
and friends and family have asked for ideas of the kind of thing I would like
So Here is my birthday wishlist:

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 rings necklace :  Disney Couture
£39.00 via Zentosa

I pretty much love anything disney couture, 
so it doesn't have to be this specific necklace,
I love all of the collections including Alice in Wonderland,
Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Cinderella
and their new collab with Mawi!

The two best sites for Disney Couture I have found are 

You know I love a bargain so its even better if its in the sale,
and always look for a discount or free shipping code 
by looking at the websites facebook pages and general voucher sites!

Beetle Necklace: £14.00
Both By Galibardy

I put something Galibardy on my list every year
I think all of there designs are so inventive and quirky,
and they're all really good quality brass so will not bend or break!
I like almost everything they sell!

Chic on a Shoe String
How to make Jewellery (with Tatty Devine)

(both available via Amazon etc)

I love to get crafty
and although I'm not a huge reader both of these books caught my eye
They would both be great for flicking through  for a project on a rainy day

TeaCup Charm: Pandora

I have a Pandora Bracelet and a Chamilia Bracelet
and I would really love any addition to my charm collection :)
Just stick with plain silver and you cant go wrong!
Anything cupcake, tea, heart, lightning bolt, cute, anchor, deer, bird,
related would be right up my street!

Fairytale Mug £5.00 Paperchase

Paperchase it one of my favourite shops of all time!
I just wish there was one nearer :(
I love the illustrations on this mug they are so cute
but I also like their stickers, noodle bowls, stationary EVERYTHING

Brown Owl Feather Print Snood £13.00
Cupcake Beanie £13.00

I'm still loving digital, aztec, and illustrated prints so anything like that
on a bag scarf etc would be amazing!
and I love a good comedy hat :p

This probably look really boring but I need another one or two of these
for jewellery storage and just never get round to buying it
so it would be a great practical present!

Topshop is my favourite place to shop
and the dalmation print pumps are just gorgeous (I'd need a size 5) :)

Seriously though, some people might think vouchers are a let down
but I would LOVE vouchers for anywhere like Topshop, River Island or New Look

If you need any more inspiration just look at my blog or tumblr!

Think fairisle, navajo, digital, leather, illustrated, typography
galaxy, animal print, studded, baroque, kitsch, tacky,
skulls, deers, antlers, birds!

I'd love: socks, picture frames, bags, jewellery, trinket/make-up boxes
scarfs, pyjamas, homewares!

that's it, 
hope that's helped you dear F&F of mine
and readers I hope it's been interesting for you to read too!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

What Milly Wore: Graduation :)

Hi Guys,
Today after 3 long years I graduated,
I had a lovely time,
it was a great but very tiring day!

Here is what will be the 'official' photograph
(but this is just the tiny proof image scanned in )
To be honest I only really went to get a picture of me in a cap and gown
I'm sure my nan will love one for Christmas!

Here is what I wore under the gown:

Sheer leopard Shirt: £16.99 New Look
High Waisted Jersey Pencil Skirt: £20 River Island
Black Leggings Primark: £3
Silver Glitter 'Ambush' Boots: £80 Topshop
Black and Rose Gold Studded 'Sabina' Bag: Reiss Via ebay

Red Lipstick: Mac Wonder Woman Collection - Russian Red

And here is my fave pic of the day
Me and my Wonderful GBF Lewis :)


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Vote for Me in the Sarenza British Style Comp and you could win £800 of shoes!

Hello Lovelies!

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the top 15 for  the SarenzaUk British Style comp
View my entry here: 

And I would LOOOVVEE it
if any of you that enjoyed that post could vote for me to win on twitter :)

All you have to do is tweet:

And if I won, I would win £800 of shoes,
but also one person who voted for me could win £800 of shoes too!

So it's not just good for me it's good for you too!

I would honestly really really appreciate any votes
your guys help would really mean a lot to me!
Sorry I've been M.I.A recently
I've just started a new job so am a bit busy,
but normal blogging will resume soon!

Much Love 


Monday, 10 October 2011

What Milly Wore: OnePiece - Jump In!

Hi Guys,
I've been lucky enough to be sent a OnePiece to review,
and since I received it..... I basically haven't taken it off!

Now I bet there are a few of us out there that are fans of 
the Primarni onesies, but they pale in comparison to a OnePiece.
These are such good quality,
It's pretty much the most awesome thing I own!


It's just so so comfy!
I've been recovering from having my wisdom tooth out for a week
and I've just lived in this,
it's great for lounging around the house,
and even better for wearing to bed on cold nights!

It zips all the way up to the tip of the hood
(be warned  friends find it amusing to zip you in!)

They do loads of different versions,
unisex ones, patterned ones etc
This particular style is their new Slim- Vera Velour,
which I think is a great twist on those velour tracksuits you see everyone in.

As for size I'm a 14, 5ft2
and in the Slim style I'm a medium,
In the unisex ones they are made pretty baggy
so I'd only need a Small

 Also, its so snuggly and warm
I'm one of those people that is always cold,
so this is a complete godsend!
I cant say I'll be wearing it out the house
(actually ask me again once its's freezing, I just might)

Price wise, at £150 it's an investment,
it's not cheap but you can really feel the quality
and if you can afford it I reckon it would be a life saver in winter!
And it would be great as a christmas present 
if you can convince a loved one to buy it for you!

(paha, had to include this picture , I'm such a goof!)

Please let me know what you think guys,
would you Jump In to a OnePiece ??

Hope you enjoyed my review :)


P.S Also, I've dyed my hair! It wont be this colour for long, this is only stage 1!

Friday, 7 October 2011

200th post! What Milly Wore: Velvet Undergound

Hi guys,
Welcome to my 200th post! WOOT
It's great to reach another landmark,
I didn't really celebrate my last blog birthday
So I'll so a little happy dance about this instead!

Anyway, here is what I wore today :)

Bowler Hat: Accessorize sale around £9.00 (last winter)

I havnt worn this hat much,
but I do really like it,
especially now my hair is a bit longer, 
it looks much better with hair peeking out of the front!

Pirate Gun Necklace: Disney Couture (pirates of the Caribbean collection)

This is a great small necklace for everyday wear
I cant get enough of disney couture.
Cant remember how much it was but I'm pretty sure it was in the sale!

Velvet & Lace Dress: Urban Oufitters £22  reduced from £45 (January sale)

I'd forgotten about this dress,
when it put it on this morning it still had it's tags on.
It's greating finding brand new things you already own when you don't have any money!
It was great for this indecisive weather as it is quite warm
Black Leggings: Primark £3

As always the leggings are from primark :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend,
and I'll see you all again next week!


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sarenza: Pure British Style!

The ever so generous online shoe retailers Sarenza
are holding a competition from bloggers to win £800 worth of shoes!
If you want to enter yourself, take a look here 
So I'd thought I'd give it a go, here's my entry!

The theme was 'Great British Style'
and you had to choose £800 worth of shoes from their website to review
that reflect the theme!

My first pick is

These trainers are right up my street!
Liberty  was started in London in 1885
you cant get more British than that!
 Their classic prints teamed up with this modern Nike design
really work well, collaborations at their best!
I'd wear these a-la Lily Allen, with a floral girly dress
clashing the prints!

Second I picked

I love this classic T-bar style,
they remind me of old fashioned school shoes,
the kind that in the 20's -50's and even later girls and boys would wear in summer!
I'm sure I've got a picture somewhere of my dad as a boy wearing something similar.
So very very cute and retro,
but with the added twist of gold studs!
I'd love to spot these with woolly grey tights and 
some leather shorts, yes please!


How can you talk about British style without mentioning the inimitable Vivienne Westwood
 From her first real catwalk show in 1982 to present day 
she is top of the pile when it comes to British designers
I love her collections with Melissa,
it makes her fabulous designs so much more accessible!
This cameo design is no exception.
I'd pair them with some black opaque tights and a cute velvet dress
a little bit Alice in Wonderlend with an edge.


When I think of British shoe companys the first that Springs to mind is Clarks,
from school shoes from when we were little, 
to the amazing fashion led designs they are coming up with now.
These Boots have a victorian / granny boot feel 
(lace -up boots coming higher up the leg so ladies could 
keep their ankles under wraps away from men!)
Tied in with the Brogue detailing they couldn't be any more British of they tried!
I'd put them with a  pleated midi skirt, and a matching
brown leather bag.

In Fifth

Originally worn by Teddy boys in the 1950's
Creepers (or Brother creepers as they are sometimes known)
were then commandeered by the punks of the 70's
and now are a great symbol of British Alternative fashion.
These Leopard print creeper boots
by Underground England are as British as British could be!
These have got to be worn with Black skinnies
and perhaps a leopard print shirt, and a studded leather jacket.

Here in 6th

Leather Loafers always remind me of that 'Sloane Ranger' look
very 1980's, think Princess Diana, Prep Schools and Polo!
It's now become a British classic, great for this seasons 'Heritage' look
will never go out of fashion, and last you a lifetime!
I;d team these with some blue skinny jeans, and blue and white striped  shirt
 and a pashmina scarf.
Next Up

I know these are probably a bit too literal
but I could resist, they are so patriotic!
The Great British actress Audrey Hepburn is famous for always wearing ballet shoes,
and I have to agree with the idea,  I cant walk in heels at all!
I love the colour scheme and the richness of the fabric,
add in the crown charm and it's all very regal.
As these are such a statement I'd wear these with cropped or rolled up jeans and a plain white t-shirt,
with a string of pearls and a royal blue cardigan.

Last but not least

Made as a type of riding boot 
this style of boot was thought up by Queen Victoria's personal shoe designer.
It was a classic quintessential British shoe! 
In the 1960's the style re-emerged and was adopted by the Mods and
 dubbed a Chelsea boot after the place.
Often seen on the likes of the Beatles and the Kinks,
they Chelsea boot has never gone out of fashion since.
I'd love a pair, and would rock them with drainpipe jeans and a blazer
channelling their androgynous vibe!

And that's it,
this lovely lot come to a total of £795.65 phew!
I hope you enjoyed reading my post,
I tried to make it informative as well as fashion based,

Wish me luck :)