Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lust After: Birthday Wishlist

Hey guys,
It's not long untill my 23rd birthday (eeep getting older)
and friends and family have asked for ideas of the kind of thing I would like
So Here is my birthday wishlist:

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 rings necklace :  Disney Couture
£39.00 via Zentosa

I pretty much love anything disney couture, 
so it doesn't have to be this specific necklace,
I love all of the collections including Alice in Wonderland,
Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Cinderella
and their new collab with Mawi!

The two best sites for Disney Couture I have found are 

You know I love a bargain so its even better if its in the sale,
and always look for a discount or free shipping code 
by looking at the websites facebook pages and general voucher sites!

Beetle Necklace: £14.00
Both By Galibardy

I put something Galibardy on my list every year
I think all of there designs are so inventive and quirky,
and they're all really good quality brass so will not bend or break!
I like almost everything they sell!

Chic on a Shoe String
How to make Jewellery (with Tatty Devine)

(both available via Amazon etc)

I love to get crafty
and although I'm not a huge reader both of these books caught my eye
They would both be great for flicking through  for a project on a rainy day

TeaCup Charm: Pandora

I have a Pandora Bracelet and a Chamilia Bracelet
and I would really love any addition to my charm collection :)
Just stick with plain silver and you cant go wrong!
Anything cupcake, tea, heart, lightning bolt, cute, anchor, deer, bird,
related would be right up my street!

Fairytale Mug £5.00 Paperchase

Paperchase it one of my favourite shops of all time!
I just wish there was one nearer :(
I love the illustrations on this mug they are so cute
but I also like their stickers, noodle bowls, stationary EVERYTHING

Brown Owl Feather Print Snood £13.00
Cupcake Beanie £13.00

I'm still loving digital, aztec, and illustrated prints so anything like that
on a bag scarf etc would be amazing!
and I love a good comedy hat :p

This probably look really boring but I need another one or two of these
for jewellery storage and just never get round to buying it
so it would be a great practical present!

Topshop is my favourite place to shop
and the dalmation print pumps are just gorgeous (I'd need a size 5) :)

Seriously though, some people might think vouchers are a let down
but I would LOVE vouchers for anywhere like Topshop, River Island or New Look

If you need any more inspiration just look at my blog or tumblr!

Think fairisle, navajo, digital, leather, illustrated, typography
galaxy, animal print, studded, baroque, kitsch, tacky,
skulls, deers, antlers, birds!

I'd love: socks, picture frames, bags, jewellery, trinket/make-up boxes
scarfs, pyjamas, homewares!

that's it, 
hope that's helped you dear F&F of mine
and readers I hope it's been interesting for you to read too!



  1. I love the mug and the beetle necklace! :D

  2. i love the pirates of the caribbean necklace :) xoxo

  3. Oooh the beetle necklace is lovely :)

  4. Hey :) I saw the work you did on Thunder Threads and I loved it! Could you please help me to make my blog look good?