Saturday, 14 September 2013

Lust After: DD+ Bras from Debenhams

Considering I have a fashion blog, 
why is it I've never written about underwear, or 'lingerie' if you want to be posh?
Well I will admit I'm a bit of a prude, a lot of over sharing goes on on the internet
and sometimes I stop myself publishing pieces because once it's on the internet,
it's kind of permanent, and you never know who is reading.

Well today is the day I throw caution to the wind and talk about Bras!!
Boobs, breasts, bosoms, we've all got them (well if you're female that is)
and bras are a part of fashion that we wear every single day (well I do anyway).
I'm a size 14, so a pretty curvy girl, and I suppose you could say I'm *ahem* kind of.....busty
and I find bra shopping one of the most frustrating tasks. Finding somewhere that even goes up to my size is far harder than it should be.

Fortunately help is at hand because I've found Debenhams  has a great range of not only bras in general, 
but actually quite a large DD+ section.
I hate being offered a selection of grannified off white, thick strapped monstrosities.
So I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few girly, pretty, colourful options, that I would definitely wear.
On top of this Debenhams also often have offers or discount codes that are well worth taking advantage of.

Here are my top 6 DD+ Bras:

1: Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace Up to a G-Cup Bra RRP: £36.00
I have never had much luck with strapless bras but I think this one is well worth a shot.
 It claims to stay put (and the reviews agree) and going up to a G cup it should fit most.

2: Freya Purple 'Just Flew In' underwired longline bra RRP: £35.00
Ive always wanted a longline bra, but every time I see one it doesn't go up to my size.
This one goes up to a G and the bird print is just too cute.

3: Gossard Pink 'Colour Clash' half padded bra RRP: £29.00
I'm a fan of neon and colour clashing, so although it's not the most practical of bra colours
I still think this one is fab. Maybe not under a white shirt though.

4: Gorgeous Debenhams Peach DD-H cup spotted longline bra RRP: £26.50
Another long line bra that I'd like to try it also has quite a good size range.

5: Freya Hello Dolly Fiesta balcony bra RRP: £32.00
This has to be my favourite of the bunch (in fact it's in my basket right now)
With it's super cute Russian doll print I can't resist it!
It has 2 size ranges D-G and GG-K the best size selection of the lot.

6: Gorgeous Debenhams Natural floral satin D-G cup balcony bra RRP: £24.50
This is probably the most sensible bra I've chosen, but it still looks so pretty.
The silky finish and subtle pattern really make it look expensive.

So that's my lust list,
All of these bras are currently discounted (so less than the RRP, so go look asap)
If you are in the market for some new lingerie, whether you are DD+ or not
Debenhams lingerie is really worth a go :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Feel free to comment with any other ideas on where to get larger / plus size bras, 
I'd love to check out some other sites too.

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions are honest and my own and I would never promote a product or company that I would not be happy to use myself :)