Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lust after: pastel rainbow hair!

Oh Em Gee
I need pastel hair


(All images from if any of them are yours and you would like me to credit or remove just let me know)


  1. Oh my word the first photo is amazing! I'd love to do this to my hair but it seems like so much upkeep to keep it looking good. Guess I'll just resign myself to drooling over pictures of other peoples amazing hair! xxx

  2. I have nowhere near enough hair commitment to get on with something like this. It looks AMAZING but I'm always scared my hair will feel like crap if I bleach it again (or that it'll go yellow again). Plus, I'd look shit with pink hair. I love pink but it doesn't suit my complexion. Boo!

  3. OMG these hair dos are amaze balls, love them ALLLL!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Ahhh, these are incredible. I wish I could pull off some of these looks, damn having dark skin and dark hair!


  5. Love pastel hair - pink, lilac and blue are my favourites. I loved it when Gaga had her hair blonde lilac and pink last year, I think I need to go a cooler blonde before I could indulge though.

  6. That's amazing, I dont think I would do it (quite like my dark hair..) but I love the result.
    Pretty cute with a plait !

  7. Look at the list of ppl convincing thrmselves they can't do it or it would "look like crap!"