Thursday, 30 June 2011

What Milly Wore: Angel Wings Maxi

 The sun is a great excuse to wear a maxi, I love them, 
but somehow when its dull and dreary I feel like a twallop in one!

Angel Wing Print Maxi Dress: £35 Topshop 
(modified by myself, sewing up the open/split sides of the torso)
I love the print on this, and even though it was a bit revealing for me
I bought it anyway and customised it so I could wear a bra and avoid side boob action!

Cycling Shorts (underneath): ASOS sale £4
it still however has splits all the way up each leg, so I prefer to wear it with shorts underneath!

Leopard Elasticated Belt: Vintage

 Leather Gladiator Sandals: Pikolinos

Brown Leather Satchel: Vintage Coach via Etsy

Are you a fan of a statement maxi?



  1. gorgeous dress milly, it looks fab on you the print is fab!! keep up the regular posts =)

  2. you look lovely! the print is stunning. i love maxi dresses but i wish i could pull off a maxi dress! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. Shorts = safety! I love a maxi but I'm often too tall for them :(

  4. Can you believe it that I only recently discovered maxis? I never thought I'd look good in one, never ever. ANd then I bought one off asos, just cuz I knew I could return it, and suprise suprise- I looked GOOD in it! I was like 'what, where? why did nobody tell me this before?' haha, i'm such a dummmy! But you look good in maxis too, they are so flattering! And that print is beautiful

  5. you've inspired me to try once again to wear a maxi dress. i think it needs cinching at the waist, like you did, for me to like it xx