Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lust After: Topshop Sale Wishlist

 Bonsoir ma petite chou-fleurs
I hope your having a lovely wintery weekend :)
I've seen so many things I'd love from topshop at the moment,
so heres a list of everything that I love,
that I will not buy until their sale starts, just in case it goes in!

Gorgeous black and white fair isle print cardigan with a faux fur collar.

Amazing Galaxy / Star print wondrous leggings,
Already sold out :(

I love this American flag onesie, but it's a pity they don't do it in bigger sizes
I love leopard print, topshop, Ashish and bumbags  so all of them in one is ace!

This backpack is also amazing, it's so 90's
Chelsea boots are great but you hardly every find any in navy, so these are fab
I also love them in this burgundy colour too, and the snake print is a bonus
I love my black version of these, but in nude with gold studs they look gorgeous.

This looks incredible but the reviews are not so good!?
I still think it's worth a try though.
These multicoloured glitter oxford shoes look awesome *drools*

Is there anything you're lusting after from Topshop??



  1. I love Topshop but can never ever afford anything so don't really look anymore! You've got some lovely things on this list though :) xxx

  2. I have the snowflake jacket and space print leggings hehe, love them both! I was looking at the skeleton print tee too, didn't realise the reviews were bad. Also love the glitter brogues x

  3. I literally love everything on this list. I really want some space leggings. Apparently they have some in Miss Selfridge too? xx

  4. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  5. Ahh does anybody know where i can get the stars and stripes all in one from? Topshop have sold out :'( wahh x

  6. love the snow flake cardi mil very me , loved your graduation pics to , hope your happy and well x

  7. most of these things are all gone now :'(