Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fashion Fix : Fairisle


So I'm a little obsessed with Fairisle at the moment!
I must admit I'd never heard of the name for this style until recently
In fact I wasn't sure it had a name other than ' knitted, christmassy stuff '

But I now know its called fairisle, characterised by bright bold patterns
generally knitted, it has a crafty or eco feel

Here are some of my favourite items from the skirt, clockwise:

Fairisle Skirt: Miss Selfridge £22
Fairisle Mittens: Allsaints £40
Fairisle Trapper Hat: Debenhams £10
Long Navy Fairisle Socks: Toast £22
Close up of Multicoloured Knee Socks (centre): People Tree @ asos £20 (fair trade too!)
Poppy Fairisle Beret: Monsoon £16
Hooded Antler Coatigan: Topshop £95

I have really rubbish circulation so often get numb feet
So I'm always on the lookout for nice socks
I walked past a girl in town wearing these:

She was wearing the dark green ones inside long ugg boots
It looked really good, so good I followed her to ask where they are from!
They are from Holland & Cooper £39
eep, so I didn't buy them, Its just too much for one pair of socks

Instead I bought two pairs of Christmas socks by people tree!
Fair trade and ethical, and half the price!

These are the same as the asos ones in the centre at the top

'Made in Nepal by artisans working with the Kumbeshwar Technical School in Kathmandu, which provides education, vocational training and paid employment to underprivileged workers.'

because they are handmade each pair is unique in pattern and colour
Im uber excited to see what my two pairs look like!


Monday, 23 November 2009

What Milly Wore: Nasty Weather, and Amazing Inspiration

So today was pretty nasty weather wise!
here was my choice of outfit:

Yellow Duffle: Next £45 ( great coat, the only thing I've ever bought from next!)

Underneath the duffle I wore:

Acid Wash Military Jacket: H&M this season
Black Studded Vest: River Island £10 sale
Jeggings Skirt !?! : New Look £5.00 sale ( never knew they existed, but sooo comfy)
Black Patent Boots: Peacocks £9.00 (about 2 years ago, super practical)
Trusty Topshop Leggings!

Today I also received the most awesome book ever in the post!

Alex Box, By Rankin

Its a book of Images Taken by the famous Photographer Rankin
The Images are just stunning, all of the make-up artistry of Alex Box

seriously the pictures are stunning, and so inspiring!

here are just some of the amazing images:


Saturday, 21 November 2009

Millys Money Challege!

'ello my lovelies
I have decided to set myself a money challenge!
Mainly because, I've been spending too much recently
and yesterday was the last straw

I received this jacket in the post
(you may recognise it from my birthday list)
I bought it, I just couldn't resist
It was on ASOS reduced from £250 to £175
and it arrived.......
I'm going to try and wear it loads

But it also means that I've spent loads of money in the last few weeks
and what with my birthday and Christmas coming up
I should really be spending my money on other people
plus people will run out of things to buy for me!
(I've already bought the river island ankle boots with tiny studs on the front too)
(oh and the topshop pouch bag!)

so the challenge is
Between now and Christmas, I cannot buy anything for myself
that is more than £20

So I can still buy things, but just little things
and I can buy again when the sales start!
I'm really enjoying buying presents for other people at the moment though
so that should keep me satisfied!



Thursday, 19 November 2009

What Milly Wore: Winters Here

'ello my lovelies,
Its been getting mighty chilly here in little old Droitwich
So here are a couple of outfits I've worn.

Here I wore:
Grey Horse Jumper: River Island, SALE (has tassels down the sleeves!)
Plain Black Long T-shirt: New Look (probably)
Brown Leather Jacket With Hood: Topshop
Denim Skirt: Ebay
Grey Knee Socks: American Apparel ( folded down)
Brown Worker Boots: River Island ( finally broke them in)
Snake Print Bag: Marc B @ ASOS
Trusty Black Leggings: Topshop

And this is me today!

Black Cardi With lurex Thread: Topshop (new)
Black Wolf t-shirt: Heaven Sent @ Bank (new)
Leopard Dress (underneath): Topshop (for my 18th birthday 3 years ago!)
Black Distressed Leggings: Zara
Black Suede Boots: Office (this season)
Knitted Bear hat: River Island

I wasn't originally wearing the wolf t-shirt on top of my dress
but i got cold, and it didn't look awful!

Also look who has my hat.....

and yes, she did have the hat before I got it!
but I had seen it before and thought it was cute!


Visual Sweets: 5

and last but not least........

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fashion Fix: new Topshop Order

Topshop Order

Hi guys,
I'm full of cold, so off uni
I decided to use my time constructivly,
By shopping online of course!

Here are a few bits I ordered from topshop
its a gift from my mum as she owes me some money YAY

Multi-Coloured Wolf Dress: Motel @ Topshop £30
Black Lurex Pocket Cardigan: Topshop £28
Studded Leather Duffle: Topshop £40
Velvet Leggings: Topshop £22

I tried to order those gloves.... in any of the many colours
But thery only had M/L left in all of them
and I have tiny hands
So oh well!

What have you guys bought recently??


Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lust After: 21st Birthday

So, it's my birthday at the end of November,
I thought I would show you guys what I would love to receive in a dream world!

Lovely Leather Pouch / Duffle Bag
£40.00 Topshop

Black Leather Belt
£19.99 River Island

Worker Boots
£74.99 River Island
( O.K so I don't need anymore worker boots, but I can dream cant I!)

Studded Leather Jacket
£200 Religion @ ASOS (reduced from £250)

Stag Skull Necklace
£21.00 Galibardy

LTD Watch
£49.00 ASOS or ShadeStation
( I love LTD, classic Watches with a twist, Like ToyWatch but cheaper)

Grey Suede Boots
£34.99 River Island
(I love them in black as well, but I've got a few black pairs, great price too!)

Black Studded Leather Jacket
£395 All Saints

and who said material things can't make you happy!


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What Milly Wore... and Did

Hello Guys and Gals,
I've had a busy few days really
lots of uni work to do and the like!

Above is what I wore a couple of days ago:
Grey Boyfriend Beanie: ASOS
Grey Sequined Handcuff Jumper: Markus Lupfer
(yyyaaaayy yeah I know I loves it! £100 in the sale at ASOS)
Black Leather Jacket: MuuBaa
Oversized Stripey T-shirt: Horace @ ASOS
Ripped Black Jeans: Horace @ ASOS
(these jeans are amazing, they have a lining underneath so your leggypegs don't get cold!)
Black Patent Heart Shaped Bag: Topshop

On the same day I took this picture of my boy!
I thought he was looking particularly Handsome, as his hair was nice and poofy
Yes his hair is naturally like that
and his eyes are super blue!
I bought him the jumper last Christmas for £3.00 !!! by Nanny State from D.R.Shoes

Then on Monday night I dyed my hair
And upon getting home from work on Tuesday I decided I need a photo of my new hair
I then thought i might as well do a full on makeover shoot!

Above and Below

False Eyelashes: Stargazer from New Look
Red Lip Gloss: Barry M
Gorgeous silhouette Necklace: Untamed Menagerie @ ETSY
Colour Splash Dress: Warehouse
Green Bow Belt: ASOS

I think they turned out quite well, if a little Drag Queeny,
but there's nothing wrong with that!

And I spent today doing loads of uni work
With the help of the wonderful Tashy!
I'm doing a project on Leopard Print
And Tasha kindly let me leopard print her face!

and here are the results...


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lust After: Velvet & Studds

Lust After: Velvet & Studs

I'm seriously considering buying into the velvet trend,
But first I though I would have to think about how I would wear it,

So here is my research!
I combined Two items I already owned (the dress and the boots) with some lust after items!

Nude Bandage Dress: Topshop
Velvet Leggings: Topshop ( they also do these at missselfrige)
Velvet & Lace Jacket: Topshop (woah so much good topshop around!)
Worker Boots: River Island
( just bought but not yet worn, I think they are gonna need breaking in... ouch)
Taupe Studded bag: Be & D ($1300!!!)

Love the bag though, as seen on Taylor Momsen
Wow that girl has style,
It's so unfair that shes only 15!!!
Look at all the access she has to fabulous things!