Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fashion Fix : Fairisle


So I'm a little obsessed with Fairisle at the moment!
I must admit I'd never heard of the name for this style until recently
In fact I wasn't sure it had a name other than ' knitted, christmassy stuff '

But I now know its called fairisle, characterised by bright bold patterns
generally knitted, it has a crafty or eco feel

Here are some of my favourite items from the skirt, clockwise:

Fairisle Skirt: Miss Selfridge £22
Fairisle Mittens: Allsaints £40
Fairisle Trapper Hat: Debenhams £10
Long Navy Fairisle Socks: Toast £22
Close up of Multicoloured Knee Socks (centre): People Tree @ asos £20 (fair trade too!)
Poppy Fairisle Beret: Monsoon £16
Hooded Antler Coatigan: Topshop £95

I have really rubbish circulation so often get numb feet
So I'm always on the lookout for nice socks
I walked past a girl in town wearing these:

She was wearing the dark green ones inside long ugg boots
It looked really good, so good I followed her to ask where they are from!
They are from Holland & Cooper £39
eep, so I didn't buy them, Its just too much for one pair of socks

Instead I bought two pairs of Christmas socks by people tree!
Fair trade and ethical, and half the price!

These are the same as the asos ones in the centre at the top

'Made in Nepal by artisans working with the Kumbeshwar Technical School in Kathmandu, which provides education, vocational training and paid employment to underprivileged workers.'

because they are handmade each pair is unique in pattern and colour
Im uber excited to see what my two pairs look like!



  1. hey, the slippers/ shoes above the coatigan.. where are they from!? i love them!

  2. hi helen

    they are american,
    sorry i didnt add them to the list, I just thought people might find it if it was in dollars or they couldnt get them

    thanks for stopping by!

  3. Well, then, you'll have to let me teach you to knit!

  4. I love those grey socks in the top pic. I need some of those. Haha.

    I just tagged you in my newest blog post. :D

  5. Hey! just found your blog! i love those socks in the last pic, lovely and cozy!

    Sid x

    heres my blog if you wanna visit :)