Saturday, 21 November 2009

Millys Money Challege!

'ello my lovelies
I have decided to set myself a money challenge!
Mainly because, I've been spending too much recently
and yesterday was the last straw

I received this jacket in the post
(you may recognise it from my birthday list)
I bought it, I just couldn't resist
It was on ASOS reduced from £250 to £175
and it arrived.......
I'm going to try and wear it loads

But it also means that I've spent loads of money in the last few weeks
and what with my birthday and Christmas coming up
I should really be spending my money on other people
plus people will run out of things to buy for me!
(I've already bought the river island ankle boots with tiny studs on the front too)
(oh and the topshop pouch bag!)

so the challenge is
Between now and Christmas, I cannot buy anything for myself
that is more than £20

So I can still buy things, but just little things
and I can buy again when the sales start!
I'm really enjoying buying presents for other people at the moment though
so that should keep me satisfied!



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