Monday, 16 November 2009

Fashion Fix: new Topshop Order

Topshop Order

Hi guys,
I'm full of cold, so off uni
I decided to use my time constructivly,
By shopping online of course!

Here are a few bits I ordered from topshop
its a gift from my mum as she owes me some money YAY

Multi-Coloured Wolf Dress: Motel @ Topshop £30
Black Lurex Pocket Cardigan: Topshop £28
Studded Leather Duffle: Topshop £40
Velvet Leggings: Topshop £22

I tried to order those gloves.... in any of the many colours
But thery only had M/L left in all of them
and I have tiny hands
So oh well!

What have you guys bought recently??



  1. Hey, loving the blog :-)

    I'm also ill with a cold, luckily I get Monday's off uni so have double the excuse to stay in bed :-D

    Those gloves are lush, gutted for you that they are sold out, I have some M&S leather gloves that I got last year from some sex and the city collection or something, they are beautiful!

    I have been buying haircare products in my ill state. Am trying to grow my hair whilst keeping it in beautiful condition - and unfortunately drugstore products don't do my hair any good!


  2. aww hi hun,
    thanks for the comment!

    dont colds suck ey! Hope your feeling better

    I've been at work all day so I have been serving people looking really rough, probably put peaople off buying things

    yeah loving the leather gloves, I will have to find some somewhere

    hair products sound good, I need some to stop my red fading so quickly!

    thanks for stopping by!