Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sarenza: Pure British Style!

The ever so generous online shoe retailers Sarenza
are holding a competition from bloggers to win £800 worth of shoes!
If you want to enter yourself, take a look here 
So I'd thought I'd give it a go, here's my entry!

The theme was 'Great British Style'
and you had to choose £800 worth of shoes from their website to review
that reflect the theme!

My first pick is

These trainers are right up my street!
Liberty  was started in London in 1885
you cant get more British than that!
 Their classic prints teamed up with this modern Nike design
really work well, collaborations at their best!
I'd wear these a-la Lily Allen, with a floral girly dress
clashing the prints!

Second I picked

I love this classic T-bar style,
they remind me of old fashioned school shoes,
the kind that in the 20's -50's and even later girls and boys would wear in summer!
I'm sure I've got a picture somewhere of my dad as a boy wearing something similar.
So very very cute and retro,
but with the added twist of gold studs!
I'd love to spot these with woolly grey tights and 
some leather shorts, yes please!


How can you talk about British style without mentioning the inimitable Vivienne Westwood
 From her first real catwalk show in 1982 to present day 
she is top of the pile when it comes to British designers
I love her collections with Melissa,
it makes her fabulous designs so much more accessible!
This cameo design is no exception.
I'd pair them with some black opaque tights and a cute velvet dress
a little bit Alice in Wonderlend with an edge.


When I think of British shoe companys the first that Springs to mind is Clarks,
from school shoes from when we were little, 
to the amazing fashion led designs they are coming up with now.
These Boots have a victorian / granny boot feel 
(lace -up boots coming higher up the leg so ladies could 
keep their ankles under wraps away from men!)
Tied in with the Brogue detailing they couldn't be any more British of they tried!
I'd put them with a  pleated midi skirt, and a matching
brown leather bag.

In Fifth

Originally worn by Teddy boys in the 1950's
Creepers (or Brother creepers as they are sometimes known)
were then commandeered by the punks of the 70's
and now are a great symbol of British Alternative fashion.
These Leopard print creeper boots
by Underground England are as British as British could be!
These have got to be worn with Black skinnies
and perhaps a leopard print shirt, and a studded leather jacket.

Here in 6th

Leather Loafers always remind me of that 'Sloane Ranger' look
very 1980's, think Princess Diana, Prep Schools and Polo!
It's now become a British classic, great for this seasons 'Heritage' look
will never go out of fashion, and last you a lifetime!
I;d team these with some blue skinny jeans, and blue and white striped  shirt
 and a pashmina scarf.
Next Up

I know these are probably a bit too literal
but I could resist, they are so patriotic!
The Great British actress Audrey Hepburn is famous for always wearing ballet shoes,
and I have to agree with the idea,  I cant walk in heels at all!
I love the colour scheme and the richness of the fabric,
add in the crown charm and it's all very regal.
As these are such a statement I'd wear these with cropped or rolled up jeans and a plain white t-shirt,
with a string of pearls and a royal blue cardigan.

Last but not least

Made as a type of riding boot 
this style of boot was thought up by Queen Victoria's personal shoe designer.
It was a classic quintessential British shoe! 
In the 1960's the style re-emerged and was adopted by the Mods and
 dubbed a Chelsea boot after the place.
Often seen on the likes of the Beatles and the Kinks,
they Chelsea boot has never gone out of fashion since.
I'd love a pair, and would rock them with drainpipe jeans and a blazer
channelling their androgynous vibe!

And that's it,
this lovely lot come to a total of £795.65 phew!
I hope you enjoyed reading my post,
I tried to make it informative as well as fashion based,

Wish me luck :)



  1. This is such a good competition and I'm totally going to enter. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. We so have the same taste in pumps! I actually want to get those Shelly's! Thank you for a lovely blog post.

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