Monday, 10 October 2011

What Milly Wore: OnePiece - Jump In!

Hi Guys,
I've been lucky enough to be sent a OnePiece to review,
and since I received it..... I basically haven't taken it off!

Now I bet there are a few of us out there that are fans of 
the Primarni onesies, but they pale in comparison to a OnePiece.
These are such good quality,
It's pretty much the most awesome thing I own!


It's just so so comfy!
I've been recovering from having my wisdom tooth out for a week
and I've just lived in this,
it's great for lounging around the house,
and even better for wearing to bed on cold nights!

It zips all the way up to the tip of the hood
(be warned  friends find it amusing to zip you in!)

They do loads of different versions,
unisex ones, patterned ones etc
This particular style is their new Slim- Vera Velour,
which I think is a great twist on those velour tracksuits you see everyone in.

As for size I'm a 14, 5ft2
and in the Slim style I'm a medium,
In the unisex ones they are made pretty baggy
so I'd only need a Small

 Also, its so snuggly and warm
I'm one of those people that is always cold,
so this is a complete godsend!
I cant say I'll be wearing it out the house
(actually ask me again once its's freezing, I just might)

Price wise, at £150 it's an investment,
it's not cheap but you can really feel the quality
and if you can afford it I reckon it would be a life saver in winter!
And it would be great as a christmas present 
if you can convince a loved one to buy it for you!

(paha, had to include this picture , I'm such a goof!)

Please let me know what you think guys,
would you Jump In to a OnePiece ??

Hope you enjoyed my review :)


P.S Also, I've dyed my hair! It wont be this colour for long, this is only stage 1!


  1. They look lovely, but very pricey :(

  2. Ohhh, that is super cute and looks so snuggly!

  3. That's really a one piece? Oh my goodness, it's so mature looking. I've never seen one but it sure looks comfortable.

  4. I have a OnePiece and I absolutely love mine, when I bought it about a year ago I lived in it for ages and still pretty much do!! comfiest item in my wardrobe (:

  5. Mannnn. Want. Also it sounds like wisdom tooth removal is the thing to do at the moment. All the cool kids are doing it (seriously though was it super painful for you or was it just me?) I like the hair colour!

  6. I really need to buy a new onesie, this one looks so cosy :)

  7. I've got one and I looove it!
    Love Lois xxx