Sunday, 6 December 2009

Millys Hair Through The Ages

So, just for a bit of fun, Ive decided to show you all the pictures of my hair since when I was about 14
Above is the oldest picture I can find
in the purple square I have a brown bob with no fringe, pretty standard
and in the blue square, is where I did work experience at a hairdressers and they set it in curlers for a laugh!
I actually loved having that hair for a day, as in general I can do nothing with it!

Don't ask what I was doing in the green square,
I was a weird teenager!!

Here Is the first time I'd Properly dyed my hair,
I have always used semi permanents and toners to make my hair kinda reddy,
but here I used a black/blue permanent dye.

Here I'd just had my hair cut quite short, I was going through a punky kind of thing
I had also discovered make-up a bit more,
I tried making my hair into a fauxhawk, and actually loved it so started doing it regularly

Here I am aged about 16 (with my gay best friend)
I had just finished High school, so took that as a cue, to dye my hair crazy
I actually loved having pink hair,
but my boss wasn't as keen so It didn't stay for too long

I managed to keep it long enough for my prom though!
I had flicked it out using straighteners

Here I was trying to get back to having normal hair for work
but with a blonde streak just because I couldn't resist

I then decided to venture into being blonde,
I loooved having blonde hair
again, cut shorter for a fauxhawk

Here I tried a fauxhawk... with a fringe
I quite liked it,
but if I didn't wear makeup around this time I did get mistaken for a boy

Next I got a bit obsessed with how blonde it was
I made it go proper platinum white blonde
which I totally loved and my work didn't mind either
(also look how skinny I am here!! it didn't last for long)

Now I'd grown my hair out a bit more, I tried out a quiff
I think it suits my,
but I only ever wear it if my forehead isn't spotty
which is not very often

This is my favourite hair of all time,
I love it,
It was VERY white blonde,
With a really blunt fringe,
unfortunately by now my hair was all damaged from over bleaching

To try and combat the damage,
I had my hair cut short again,
which I liked, it was summer so i felt quite summery with it
again, did look like a boy if not wearing a dress or make-up

by now i had totally given up on using bleach,
they changed the ingredients in my regular brand, which hurt my head
and also damaged my hair more than before
and I couldn't find another brand that went blonde enough
so I stuck a purple on top of it
and it seems my work, had become more relaxed about hair
probably because by now I'd been there for 4 years

I stuck with the purple for a while
but started to get bored again
especially with the fringe

This is my most recent picture
Ive been growing it, and had it cut asymmetrical,
trying to grow my fringe into a swoop down one side
and keep the side with the fringe long
and the other side kinda short
I bought an orange/red highlighting kit and put it all over instead
It came out really bright and I love it,
right now its kinda redder,
as I use a semi permanent bright dye every time I wash to add more colour

well wasn't that fun!

I would love to hear some comments,
or any hair disasters you've had??



  1. Hy sweetie! Thanks for the comment on my page! It's great to see someone going to all those changes, like I did. The funny thing is that I painted my hair deep pink also when I finished high school and changed it because of my boss :))))

    Your color now is great!

    I wish I could paint all my hair in different colors but I cannot do that now because I'm working, so maybe after I will after I'll have a baby in a few years and I'll stay at home :)))


  2. hey milly, you're hair is fab blonde with the blunt fringe, really suits you but typical that when you find a colour you love it starts wreckin your hair :-(

    love the red, must be hard to keep it so vibrant..but worth it!

  3. hi ladies

    Diane: isnt it funny we posted the same thing! its a real shame our jobs dictate what we look like isnt it, It would be amazing for everyone to be free to be creative!

    Kelly: Thanks for your comment hun, yeah I so loved my hair like that, I miss it! the red is a little hard to keep up with, it doesnt stay for very long before washing down the plughole! I need to do my roots soon actually!