Monday, 31 May 2010

What Milly Wore: New Shoes Special!

Hey lauder-ettes
happy bank holiday Monday
Here is what I wore yesterday:

Green Sailor Dress: Orion (customised by removing the elasticated waist)
Black Shimmery Cardigan: Topshop
Acid Wash Leggings: New Look
Blush coloured bag: New look sale £7
Face Ballet Flats: Topshop
Lightning Bolt Necklace: White Trash Charms

on the subject of shoes,
I thought i would show you a few pairs I bought recently
I know I know,
I don't need any more shoes
but I just cant help myself!

Gorgeous Face Ballet Pumps from topshop

Pietra toning flipflops by FitFlop (from my work)
I cannot tell you how much of a fan of fitflops I am
I own 4 pairs!
OK so they may not tone that much,
But boy they are the comfiest shoes ever,
I could walk miles in them!

Leather Flipflops with spike detail: Topshop
I seriously love the spikes on these
Very givenchy / louboutin

They are the most uncomfortable flipflops ever

Hanne Tan Clogs: ASOS £35
I so wanted to buy into the clog trend,
but I don't do high heels so i thought these would be perfect
Love the style, just like topshops hasbeens but much cheaper!

I love them,
They are a little but too big, as I'm a half size but not too bad
not the comfiest shoes ever,
but not too bad, I'm sure I  can get used to them!

How cute are these!

I LOVE them! A lot
Topshop £22

they jingle when you walk!

I heard a lot about these from fellow bloggers
So I got myself a pair!
Tres cute
made from rubber
and great for every day

Melissa £25

Pretty comfy too!

have you guys bought any shoes recently??



  1. OMGosh I also bough the Topshop face pumps the other day (I think they sold out instantly) saw the cat ones too (so cute) but thought it was only practical to buy ONE pair lol!! I love the ASOS clogs, I've been looking into getting a pair but they are so expensive everywhere so for £35 those seem really nice. What a crazy shop you must have had *turns green with envy*

  2. Love the bow ones too, perfect for my blog =)

  3. Those cat shoes are adorable - I'd so wear them - they'd definitely get my students talking at school!

  4. SO many beautiful pairs of shoes! I LOVE the Topshop face pumps and those gorgeous clogs. Pretty, pretty, pretty! x

  5. thanks for the comments ladies,
    how many pairs of shoes is too many? lol


  6. Awwww i loove the kitty ones! And your sailor tunic is adorable :)

  7. OMG the kitty shoes!
    I NEEEEED them.

    Lovely post. You can't have enough amazing shoes.

  8. Oh my goodness!
    I need those cat pumps - they are adorable!

    Love your style, I wish I had so many pretty new shoes!

    Lou x

  9. found your blog through a little bird told me...
    your blog is awesome!
    i love the shoes you picked out! especially the ones with the lips and the mouse...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  10. hi, i was wondering if you're planning on selling the white trash charm lightning bolt necklace.

  11. hey Keefe
    Im not up for selling mine I'm afraid,but a quick look on ebay and there are some bargains

    this one is very similar and a good price!