Friday, 24 July 2009

Fashion Fix: Rule Britannia

So one of my current favourite trends is the
union jack / red white and blue/ Rule Britannia trend!
I liked the American flag trend last year but this is so much more patriotic for a Brit!

Here are a few items I've bought recently:

Silky Handkerchief top - Topshop around £30
( a bit revealing, deffo wear strap top underneath!)

Hair bow - Chapeau Claudette @ASOS around £8.00 in the SALE

Union Jack Scarf - River Island (Graduate Designers Range) Around £15

Amazing Headphones - Mix Style @ £30

But wait till you see the other side!!!

Argghh I love them! Different on each ear!
( OK they are a bit American flag, but hey they go with the theme!)

Also I want this but its £180 and sold out on their website

So yes, that's me all Rule Britanniaed out!
Here's me being patriotic!



  1. Hey Milly, I was just wondering how good the sound was from the headphones:)?

  2. Woot I got a comment!

    sorry about that,

    the sound quality is ok, not amazing, but good enough for me,

    its not particularly rubbish, just nothing special,

    I got them more for the look of them actually!

    Hope I helped!