Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fashion Fix: Disney Couture

After wearing my Disney couture pirates of the Caribbean Gun necklace yesterday, I thought I might share with you the rest of my Disney Couture collection
as I am Royally Obsessed.

There designs are so cute and quirky, I just can't get enough!

Bracelet Above: My most recent D C purchase, love the sentiment
" think of a wonderful thought"
it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Tinkerbell on a pearl necklace: Probably my most worn necklace! shes kinda small and discreet so great for wearing to work/ everyday. Bought for me by The Boy, ain't he lovely!

Royal Invitation Necklace: From the Cinderella collection, this is so cute. It even contains a wee removable letter! every time I wear it I cant stop fiddling with the envelope!

Mickey Necklace: Not sure if this is strictly Disney couture, but its definitely Disney, got it in the sale at asos, great to add some fun to an LBD

Yaaarrr Sword Chain: this is soo delicate, you might not even notice It's made from tiny swords!

Tinkerbell Openable Treasure Chest Necklace: Everyone always compliments me on this when i wear it. just love the fact it opens up, again great for playing with during a lecture.

Mirror mirror necklace: Lovely long length, wanted a mirror or monocle necklace for ages, just love this one, soo pretty.

Beauty and the Beast Crest Necklace: I love all things with crests or medals on, so this necklace was right up my street. I love its English feel, I love to wear it with my navy cardigan

Fairest of them all necklace: Think this is probably my first ever piece of Disney couture! Again bought for me my The ever so lovely Boy! lusted after it for ages before it got bought for me :)

Blue Skull Pendant: Again this one is nice and long which i love, amazing colour, and a bit more edgy than a lot of their stuff. Great With leather jackets!

That is all

Won the most amazing thing on ebay today, Will show you when it arrives!

toodle pip!


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  1. hey honeybunch!! =D
    love ALL your posts ~ if I had the time and energy I would spam up all your recent blog posts hehe :P So cute!

    first of all - love your adorable layout!
    & OMG, those pieces of jewellery are divine.. so whimsical and luuurvely! I do like, very much so! I need to stop spending money on makeup but on jewellery.. Yep, yep! *mental note*

    and how amazing is your Wildfox Love Potion no. 9 tee?! It reminds me of.. Amortentia in Harry Potter ;) potent love potion bb! :D

    love your taste in fashion and designer lust wishlists - punk and edgy is sexy!

    lots of love and hugs!! xx